1. chenhogi's Avatar
    I've been using the Currency (XE Currency) app for a while now. I was happy to notice a few days ago that an update was out as the live app never seemed to work for me in that the rates displayed in the live tile were not updating automatically. Anyway, after updating the app I noticed that the rest of my live apps (for example the battery percentage app) stopped updating. Anyone encounter something similar?

    While we are on the subject, I'll be happy if anyone can recommend for me an alternative currency app, preferably one with a functioning live tile. Thanks.
    05-23-2013 05:20 AM
  2. SirNic's Avatar
    I have tried all the currency converters available for Windows 8 mobiles, it's the most accurate & you may pick as many currencies as you like and save them as your favourites.
    The App updates very fast.
    There are also other conversions available such as temperatures, weights, measurements etc etc which are very useful.
    My conclusion is that the App below is the most accurate of the lot, and it looks very nice too!


    Currency Converter | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United Kingdom)
    07-21-2013 09:23 AM