1. crash1989's Avatar
    Hey ppl,

    Can you guys tell me if there is a really good Rotten tomatoes app in the marketplace, unofficial also works for me. The ones I can see in my marketplace (India) are really bad.

    Are people not interested in movie reviews by critics and stuff on Rotten Tomatoes? I find it to be super useful.

    (I am surprised how few options we have, whereas on Android such apps have more than 100K downloads.)
    06-07-2013 02:10 AM
  2. kokola95's Avatar
    Im not sure about this one but try Flixster
    06-07-2013 02:17 AM
  3. rAj06's Avatar
    Never tried Rotten tomatoes.. however, isint IMDB better?

    IMDb | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    06-07-2013 03:16 AM
  4. Pete's Avatar
    Yes, Flixster has Rotten Tomato reviews.
    06-07-2013 04:32 AM
  5. crash1989's Avatar
    It seems Flixster is hidden from Indian Marketplace, I had to manually search and install it ... it does have all I need thanks guys
    06-07-2013 06:40 AM
  6. crash1989's Avatar
    I like Rotten Tomatoes better. I use IMDB too. Just a personal preference
    06-07-2013 06:41 AM
  7. Tim Rijckaert's Avatar
    12-26-2013 08:44 PM

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