1. bitterac's Avatar
    Jetpack Joyride is a pretty entertaining time killer, with that said my coins are now displaying as '0,000,-89', which means I can't buy anything. Looks like a bug to me, I'm hoping that a re-install of the game is not the fix since I assume that would wipe out everything that I've earned. Anyone else seen this as well? I am currently at level 15 and enjoy knowing exactly how much time I've wasted thus far. It would be a shame to lose that.

    *edit* Lumia 920
    06-10-2013 01:58 PM
  2. travis_valkyrie's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure everything will be on Xbox Live, like Skulls of Shogan. So even if you uninstall it, all your purchased gadgets and costumes, upgrades will be synced from Xbox Live.
    06-10-2013 02:42 PM
  3. bitterac's Avatar
    so I went ahead and re-installed the game. I lost my rank and my coins but it remembered my longest distance from before and remembered what gadgets I purchased in the past. Your logic was sound but obviously there is some items that need further testing with the dev team.
    06-10-2013 08:28 PM
  4. uselessrobot's Avatar
    No need to reinstall. Just close and restart the game a few times and if that doesn't work wait a while. It inevitably goes back to normal.

    This game has quite a few glitches actually. Sometimes the title screen popups up in the middle of a game and if you hit restart the game continues where you were. It also has the annoying tendency to reset your gadgets to what you had previously.
    06-10-2013 09:51 PM
  5. bitterac's Avatar
    that fixed it the first time, I restarted the game a few times even restarted the phone. This time around that did not work and I waited around 24 hours. I get those same glitches that you mention, this time around I restart the game immediately instead of playing through it. This is probably the first glitchy game that doesn't infuriate me.
    06-11-2013 11:20 AM
  6. Dancsi31's Avatar
    the game has to be connected to XBL with your account otherwise you will lose all in-game progress, like coins, missions, purchased gadgets, etc. Only the unlocked achievements will remain unlocked. If you play offline (i.e no wifi or 3G connection and without sign-in to XBL, you will lose all progress, except achievements. This is the same on the Win8, you have to be connected to XBL but because a computer is always connected to the net (either wifi or wired), you don't encounter this problem. But on a phone that you take with you on the go, you have to connect it to the wifi or 3G before you play otherwise you will play offline. I guess the in-game progress is saved on the game's server or on XBL that's why you must connect the phone to wifi or enable the 3G before you play. I noticed this when I tried to play the game on the bus, no wifi of course and my 3G was off. As soon as I connected the phone to the 3G, signed to XBL and all my progress was there (unlocked missions, coins, bought gadgets/jet packs/clothes, etc.)

    I encountered the coin bug once, so I quit the game and reloaded and it was gone.
    06-11-2013 02:36 PM
  7. bitterac's Avatar
    I follow what you are saying but I'm always connected via wifi when playing the game. Unless......the issue happened when my battery was almost dead and the phone shut off wifi to conserve battery life.
    06-11-2013 09:41 PM
  8. Dancsi31's Avatar
    I hope more future games will use this method for "saving" our precious progress (mostly for grinding games, like Angry Birds, Monster Burner, etc.) instead of saving it on the phone locally and when you have to hard reset or simply uninstall the game for X reason, you will lose all the progress and start again. I even uninstalled this game from my phone and when I reinstalled it, everything (except the mission went back to the beginning (rank 1) but I don't care because I only need the 5km achievement and I am done with this game) was there, coins, upgrades, gadgets, clothes, etc.

    Alphajax is another good exemple, every stats (played games, games won/lost, rank, etc.) are on the server and not on the phone. MS should implement this in every game or at least, release a game save backup tool so we can backup them to the SD card for example.
    06-11-2013 10:04 PM
  9. uselessrobot's Avatar
    I've noticed another coin bug where the game doesn't properly discount for your purchases. It's fine when you buy an item, but after a game I've found most of that spent coinage has reappeared. It's rare but it's happened a couple of times and once I had it happen once three times in a row, allowing me to buy a few outfits and a new jet pack.
    06-13-2013 04:40 PM

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