1. binthham's Avatar
    Happy 4th! I just upgraded from my Lumia 710 to the 620 (which I love by the way) but I am noticing that I can't share about 95% of items in the news feed on the Facebook apps (that would be both the official one and Beta). When ever I try, I almost always get that the post can't be shared and that it might be due to the privacy settings of the site, but these are always public sites. Any one else have this problem and is there a solution? Thanks.
    07-04-2013 05:08 PM
  2. sueha's Avatar
    First of all welcome to the WP8-world :)

    Sharing is working for me so far, but I would suggest you to write your complaint to this forum:
    General: Top (625 ideas)

    It might be just a little bug and if you do it this way we can try to make the developers listen to us :)
    binthham and Amirtha like this.
    07-04-2013 05:18 PM
  3. binthham's Avatar
    Thanks! I will repost this there.
    07-04-2013 08:29 PM

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