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  1. iboypx's Avatar
    Welcome 6gram, Instagram client for Windows Phone by Rudy Huyn... waiting for testing beta :)
    Rudy Huyn going after Instagram, working on new app for Windows Phone | Windows Phone Central
    07-20-2013 02:36 PM
  2. Mroofieunblockm's Avatar
    Lol bad time to make it now since Nokia obviously working with instagram
    Lester Thomas Jr likes this.
    07-20-2013 03:03 PM
  3. Mroofieunblockm's Avatar
    But anyway hope he's app gets good attention? :D
    07-20-2013 03:04 PM
  4. Lester Thomas Jr's Avatar
    How do you know nokias working with instagram to make an official app?
    07-20-2013 04:03 PM
  5. rikipy's Avatar
    waiting for testing :)
    07-20-2013 07:08 PM
  6. ricbon's Avatar
    how can i test??
    07-20-2013 07:14 PM
  7. TonyDedrick's Avatar
    Lol bad time to make it now since Nokia obviously working with instagram
    And you know this how?
    Lester Thomas Jr likes this.
    07-20-2013 07:22 PM
  8. HM02's Avatar
    If it's as good as his 6sec app, then I will be happy. The app is very smooth and fast and just looks great.
    07-20-2013 11:55 PM
  9. Jaybotics's Avatar
    Great news! Until Instagram officially comes, I am loving all the third part clients. I like Instance, but the filters are downright awful.
    iboypx likes this.
    07-21-2013 02:44 AM
  10. BartMiller's Avatar
    Any idea if this will have video capability too?
    07-21-2013 08:10 AM
  11. crash1989's Avatar
    He is using the same code that he is used for 6sec obviously modifying certain things. He tweets actively and has been sharing progress and yes it will have video capability.
    iboypx likes this.
    07-21-2013 08:27 AM
  12. crash1989's Avatar

    Go through the conversation. And I am pretty sure he posted his first video using 6gram, now I can't find it.

    video upload works from the dev himself :D
    Last edited by crash1989; 07-21-2013 at 09:45 AM.
    iboypx likes this.
    07-21-2013 08:29 AM
  13. crash1989's Avatar
    Sorry for the multiple posts but I found the video he posted

    iboypx likes this.
    07-21-2013 08:38 AM
  14. Ultimateone's Avatar
    Name change inbound
    iboypx likes this.
    07-21-2013 12:40 PM
  15. iboypx's Avatar
    What's the name
    07-21-2013 01:00 PM
  16. iboypx's Avatar
    6tagram (6gram) prototype : full client app for Instagram
    crash1989 and 12Danny123 like this.
    07-22-2013 06:34 AM

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