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    I've always been a fan of gadget skins. Despite having several cases for my stuff, I keep on going back to just a skin so that I could feel the gadget as close to being naked. It's for this reason that when I got my Lumia 920 some time back, I immediately ordered a bestskinsever skin for it. I've been using BSE for quite awhile now and am quite satisfied with their product. I like the way the cuts are made as compared to other skins as some have smaller cuts so more of the device is exposed. For the time I've had my L920, I've been using it like this:

    I'd have to say that one disadvantage of using a skin is it can really be a fingerprint magnet so I keep on wiping it down.

    Several weeks back I was just browsing the BSE website and I chanced upon a matte back skin for my other device (Nexus 4). I thought this would be a nice change as having a matte skin would definitely give less prints and smudges (except when you're having fried chicken of course). I ordered one and immediately installed it upon arrival. The result was very nice and so I went back to see if there was one available for the L920. To my disappointment, there was none. Navigating thru the site I saw a chat function. I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if they're planning to come up with one and to my surprise, they said I could have one made for an extra dollar on top of the cost of the regular skin. Didn't take me long to decide so I ordered one. The wait began....

    BSE has been sending their skins in a normal sized letter envelop like this:

    When my order arrived, I was surprised to see this:

    Not bad for their new packaging. They ship fast and in case there are any delays, a simple email is all it takes for them to respond quickly.

    I tore off the package and got my skin. As I'm not fond of wet skins for my screen, I only got the back protector. I prefer having either a dry protector for my screen or just leave it naked. Here is the back skin:

    Time to go to work and put the skins on:

    Overall I'm very satisfied with the order and love the feel of having a matte skin on the body of my L920. I like how all the buttons, lenses, mics, ports, etc have cutouts for ease of access. I like the coverage of the skin itself as it does leave very little exposed. I haven't touched my cases since then. Of course there's the downside that skins cannot replace the protection a case provides so I just keep it in a pouch. With only that as my con, I'm rocking my phone like this. Just the way I want it to be.

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    07-24-2013 02:10 AM
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    Looks like a tight fitting skin which covers all of the device and has a nice shine to it.
    07-24-2013 11:19 AM

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