1. mrdeeds_72's Avatar
    With Weather Live shutting down August 25, I'm looking for something to replace it. I don't need fancy graphics, but severe weather alert notifications are a must. Ideas?
    07-26-2013 12:53 PM
  2. Haigs's Avatar
    I am using Weather Flow for a week, and i am very pleased! You can try it!
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    07-26-2013 02:19 PM
  3. Twitter@Firas_MD's Avatar
    The weather channel app by far gives you weather alerts in the US. You can give it a try
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    07-26-2013 02:32 PM
  4. Squatting Hen's Avatar
    I don't remember if WeatherFlow did give alerts or not. I uninstalled it because it did not function correctly. I posted about it here with screenshots: http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...ile-issue.html

    As mentioned the Weather Channel one is free and does alerts very well..toast and tile. I use Amazing Weather HD. It will show an alert on the live tile and you can open the app to read it.
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    07-26-2013 03:16 PM
  5. Major's Avatar
    I use both Weather Flow and Amazing Weather HD. You can't go wrong with either.
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    07-26-2013 05:57 PM
  6. WasteSomeTime's Avatar
    I use weather flow. Its good but I wish it took some functions from skymotion.
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    07-26-2013 06:19 PM
  7. munchk's Avatar
    Amazing weather hd for me. Lock screen, customisable live tiles. Shortcut buttons.
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    07-26-2013 06:23 PM
  8. mrdeeds_72's Avatar
    I'm trying out Weather-To-Go right now and I love it. Customizable live tile, lock screen capabilities and push notifications for weather alerts. At $0.99 I think it's worth it.
    07-28-2013 08:08 PM
  9. wonderwhy's Avatar
    I would recommend weather flow, has tons of settings and looks fantastic.

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    07-28-2013 08:09 PM

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