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    Hey, I'm an avid user of the free Endomondo app for my walking, running, and cycling needs. The app is amazing on iOS and android and has received little attention in recent times from their "already sparse resources" for the Windows Phone community. This is due to our small market share, which even though is growing, their user base is not so much. We really need a shout out from our side and really push them into understanding that we have the numbers to support application enhancement for Windows Phone 7.8 and 8.

    An avid WP member has already tried convincing them and here is the link. Please show your support on this page (you can also send feedbacks):
    https://getsatisfaction.com/endomond...remium_support .

    Also go ahead and show your support for WP on their facebook page:

    08-02-2013 09:43 AM
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    Have you looked into Runtastic? It's the app I use for the same functions and it is fantastic.
    08-02-2013 09:45 AM
  3. Ankmeyester's Avatar
    Have you looked into Runtastic? It's the app I use for the same functions and it is fantastic.
    Hey I think Runtastic is a neat app. It's really good. But Endomondo is on par with it or better on the other platforms. I say both should develop parallely. We need to have all these various options available. All I ask is for support :)

    Plus, having sweat so much over Endomondo, I fancy it a lot :)
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    08-02-2013 09:46 AM
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    Also a big Endomondo fan here. I'm considering going pro, but in the Android store I see a pro app for it. Not in the windows store. Does this mean going pro is not a wise choice?
    09-10-2013 12:04 PM
  5. Ankmeyester's Avatar
    Endomondo team had just sidelined it for a bit!

    But great news! They've heard the users and are continuing their support for our WP platform!

    See the link to their blog post:

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    01-09-2014 06:22 AM
  6. Ankmeyester's Avatar
    Endomondo beta testing spots are open if anyone's interested :) this will have an improved experience and we can shape its future by giving feedback on the beta app :)
    03-21-2014 03:10 AM
  7. Ankmeyester's Avatar
    The beta app is out and looking good!
    Update: Just finished my first run on the beta app. It's definitely a positive change. The app, besides being a delight to look at, is light and fast. Plus the WP8 offline map usage makes navigation easy and fast also. It seemed to be extremely accurate and even the audio coach is a more natural voice with a smooth flow and new voice.
    03-25-2014 10:04 PM

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