1. kishorekumar_a's Avatar
    Hai guys,

    I'm looking to purchase a In-ear headset for my Lumia 820. I already have a JBL J33i, but unfortunately, the volume & track control are not working. I am also looking at Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0, but it does not have volume control. Do you know any headset that has Windows Phone compatible Volume & Track control. Price range at around $40 - $80...

    Please suggest. Thanks in advance...
    09-23-2013 05:36 AM
  2. Droidboyvietnam's Avatar
    I have a pair of the Nokia Purity by Monster in ear headphones. They sound great. They list for $99 but I picked mine up on eBay for $65 brand new. They are built specifically for Nokia Windows phones. One hint. They include 3 or 4 different sized ear pieces as will as a case. Make sure the ear pieces fit very tight in the ear. I put them on the first time and wasn't impressed. Then I put on a different, larger ear piece and they rocked! Also, they have flat cables instead of the normal round ones so they don't get tangled up. Goof thinking Nokia/Monster.
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    09-23-2013 05:49 AM
  3. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar
    09-23-2013 07:20 AM
  4. kishorekumar_a's Avatar
    Thanks for the links. How does it compare in quality to the other popular brands?
    09-23-2013 07:35 AM
  5. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar
    I think the first ones are suppose to be industry leading class (depends if you get them from right suppliers with no faults) the rest I don't know but definitely good headphones enhance the dolby stereo surround sound built in the nokia 820 (thats an exclusive to the lumia 920 and 820 devices) just need to go into audio settings and play around.
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    09-23-2013 07:43 AM
  6. Guzzler3's Avatar
    If you don't mind white, or cyan, you can still get the Nokia Purity WH-920 by Monster from Microsoft... Buy Nokia WH-920 Purity Stereo Headset by Monster - Microsoft Store for $39.00

    I literally just got my white ones tonight. I have to say... WOW!!!!!!!! These are fraking amazing!!!! All the features work, vol , middle button: tack control, answer, hang up, initiate speech recognition, etc. And they sound amazing!!! First time I've had to turn down the volume for being to loud.

    They came with 5 sets of extra size buds. An adapter for older 3 ring 3.5mm jack. And a semi hard case.

    The only thing missing is a clip, to keep the cord from flopping around (clip to shirt, jacket, etc.).

    Did I already say they are Amazing? They are. ��

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    09-24-2013 11:30 PM
  7. crash1989's Avatar
    Also check out the coloud earphones supported by Nokia if they are available in your region,
    09-25-2013 01:23 AM
  8. Guzzler3's Avatar
    Ok, update. The WH-920 are a bit big. I use ear buds under my motorcycle helmet, and these are too big. I've tried each size of the cups supplied, and the just don't work. Aaaarrrggghhhh.

    I'm tempted doing some modifications to make them work.
    09-25-2013 09:08 PM
  9. HarisA1's Avatar
    Cheap decent headphones: get the galaxy note or s3 stock headphones that come in the box, I use those on the daily and volume control/play pause/mic all work perfect
    09-25-2013 09:16 PM
  10. Guzzler3's Avatar
    Cheap decent headphones: get the galaxy note or s3 stock headphones that come in the box, I use those on the daily and volume control/play pause/mic all work perfect
    Well, I was close to a cell phone store, and walked in and asked if they had any stock Samsung earphones laying around that had volume control. The guy went into the back and brought out a set. I tried them on the my Lumia 810, and they work! Vol up, down, play/pause/forward/back, microphone, etc.. I asked how much, the guy gave them to me free. I thanked him profusely and shook his hand.

    They sound OK. They do fit in my ears and inside my helmet. But the control buttons are TINY and hard to work.

    Although, I could have sworn I tried these before in a store and the controls did NOT work. I'm now wondering if the latest GDR2/Amber update made a change so phone is more compatible with inline controls. I could be wrong, because I tried so many different earphones with controls when I first got my L810.
    09-26-2013 07:06 PM
  11. HarisA1's Avatar
    Well you got them for free so complaining is useless ;) anyways I have WP 7.8 and I use android headphones so the update didn't make a difference.. I have to agree volume controls are tiny
    09-26-2013 09:57 PM
  12. Guzzler3's Avatar
    I'm just being objective Free is awesome! I will be using them, and I'm still debating on returning the Purity's.

    I mainly use ear phones when I'm on the bike. The Purity controls are big and easy to use, even with gloves on, just can't hear with the helmet on (smashes the earbuds into my ears). Without the helmet, they are the best sounding I've tried so far.

    The Samsung's: I can hear fine with the helmet on, just can't work the buttons. Even sitting on the couch they are difficult to use, let alone when on the road.

    I've been Scosche earbuds, but the volume control is a linear resistor. I have to set the volume on the phone to max, then use the inline slider. It works, but sucks battery life keeping the volume at max.

    When I first got my WP, I hit every big box store, and electronic store in my area, and tried every brand that had inline controls. Everyone of them (android or iPhone earbuds) the middle button worked, but the volume control didn't. Which lead me to eye the Purity's, but they cost so much. When I finally saw the sale, I jumped. I forgot to think about the actual size of the buds.
    09-27-2013 03:05 PM

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