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    Hi all,

    I normally share the skins i use for my gadgets days after placing them but I must've overlooked this one. I've been on gadgetshieldz for my Lumia 925 over a month and wanted to show how it looks on the phone. I got a body skin which covers the back and sides of the unit only as I still prefer dry films on my screen. I know a lot would prefer not to have anything on the screen but I guess it's just me wanting some cover on it. A good 30 minutes is all it would take to install these skins with just a handy spray bottle of water mixed with liquid soap and a squeegee to go with it. No bubbles and the extra rubbery feel of the skin actually adds some grip so it doesn't fly off your hands. Here are some pics:

    Front screen is of a different make as I prefer dry protectors so we won't go into that anymore. Do note though that since the screen is curved, it would be virtually impossible to have a dry film to cover the whole screen so dry protectors need to be cut smaller

    Back part has holes for the speaker, camera, flash and pins for the wireless charging shell. Having the skin won't be a problem if you use a wireless shell as I've done so and I have no issues in using a qi charger with it. The cutouts I'd say are precise and the large camera lens cover even has a skin protection with a middle hole.

    Top and bottom. Again cutouts for the ports are nicely done and don't give any issues.

    Sides. The buttons have nice cutouts as well so they are exposed for ease of use.

    Overall the product is good, easy to install and very affordable. I've even placed a tpu case on top of it and the corners don't lift at all. My only gripe is that with the side skins installed, one cannot use a wireless charging shell without hitting the skins so I'm still looking at a manufacturer who could do a wireless charging shell optimized product. The back though won't be an issue with the shell as I've mentioned above since it won't touch it. I hope it this helps those looking for some kind of skin for their 925. Do note that, of course, although skins offer some sort of protection, we still need to take care of the device from drops, etc since films will not replace the ability of cases for protection against those accidents.
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    09-27-2013 09:43 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That is a nice review. It should be helpful for members who have a 925 and are looking for good screen protectors.
    09-27-2013 10:29 PM
  3. Vyenkatesh's Avatar
    I liked the idea but feeling hesitated to put on myself.
    10-07-2013 11:27 AM
  4. multo's Avatar
    I liked the idea but feeling hesitated to put on myself.
    Takes some time if it's your first time but when you have the product and you're installing it, you'd be surprised how easy wet installed skins are when it comes to putting them on.
    10-07-2013 10:06 PM
  5. Deepak Pradeep's Avatar
    Hi Multo,

    I've just ordered a Lumia 925 from eBay and was pondering over purchasing the GadgetShieldz Matt Body Protection. The review you've done here seems to be for the glossy one. Any chance you've purchased the matt one? If so, does the screen protector cover the whole front part to the edges?

    Thanks in advance!
    06-01-2014 08:02 AM

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