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    So I'm thinking about creating a Blog/Twitter page dedicated to Windows Apps that we, the consumers would like to see. With my brother now touting the new Lumia 1020 and me enjoying my HTC 8x for some time now, we've both come to respect and admire what Windows operating system has to offer. With that said, I now understand whats been holding Windows phone backthe limited App support (Cited - Obvious, Captain) which is keeping potential WP addicts from purchasing a new Windows device. Obviously the big social networking and gaming apps such as Instagram, Vine, CandyCrush, and Plants Vs Zombies need to make their way to the Windows Phone OS as soon as possible and we wont even get into the drama with Google and the YouTube app but Windows Phone consumers (from what Ive gauged) seem to be more focused on practical application than trendy pastimes. Because of this, I think there are a handful of apps that we the consumer can lobby for and with little effort from the developers and publishers (which would result in huge payoff) could be up and running in little to no time. Although my list is extensive, Ill focus on two of my favorites that could save us consumers some time and money by moving their already awesome mobile apps over to the Windows Phone OS. Feel free to share feedback and extend the list.
    - Target Target has solidified itself as a retail juggernaut by being progressive and forward thinking. Theyve always stayed abreast on new technology and were one of the first companies to offer free in-store WiFi and use e-gift cards. One of the things Ive missed most about my Droid 4 is my Target app. I could use it to check product availability, scan barcodes for prices in store and even use coupons directly from my phone. For those who like structuring their store visits, you can even create a shopping list directly from the app and price everything out before you set foot in store.
    o What they can Improve On Although the app was awesome, it was slow at times and the product scanner definitely needs some tuning. Perhaps adding a live tile coupon of the week or month feature would be just the thing to make this great app a must have for red and white shoppers on Windows Phones everywhere.
    - Gamestop Gamestop? Yes, Gamestop! The Gamestop app allows you to check product availability (makes holiday shopping for the kids uber convenient), order products directly from the app and even use coupons directly from your phone via the PowerUp Reward program. For casual and hardcore gamers, you can also track the games you have on reserve and it keeps a backup code for any downloads you buy including Microsoft Point codes.
    o What they can improve on The Gamestop app could be buggy at times or iOS and Android. Sometimes, coupons purchased via the phone wouldnt show up unless the customer logged out and back in several times. Faster speed, a cleaner home screen (everything in view) and perhaps a live tile with featured product could be great addition to the WP marketplace.

    Other Notable Missing

    Awesome apps you might have missed
    - Walgreens
    - Amazon
    - Dominoes
    10-22-2013 03:52 AM
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    Ebay a great app on WP as well.
    12-07-2013 06:45 PM

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