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    Direct Lines is free and addictive puzzle game with many levels to solve (192 so far).
    If you like puzzle games this one is perfect for you! Your goal is to fill empty spaces on the board. At the begining it doesn't sounds too difficult, but it starts to be after few levels. You can move in 4 directions and one move lasts to the nearlest obstacle. You can modify it by using one of 4 different modifiers - in this case - move by one square.
    Other modifiers allows you for example to move crates or start over from any free sqare!

    Project is still under development so i need your feedback to improve the game. Left me comment in store :)
    Also i got some fresh ideas, including new modifiers, so updates will be released frequently.

    Check out this game
    Direct Lines | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    6.png 8.png

    Ahh.. I forgot to say.. don't step on skulls!
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    10-31-2013 11:15 AM
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    Thanks for bringing a new game to the attention of our members here on WPCentral. It looks interesting and useful. Good luck with your game, and please feel free to check out the other forums and interact with members here.
    10-31-2013 11:24 AM
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    Thanks :) I am inexperienced in game programmings, but I am trying do my best.

    I appreciate every single comment to this app.
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