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    Hey all, I've scoured the forums trying to find a solution with no luck... so I'm hoping that someone can offer up a solution.

    I need to find some way for me to replace what a pager does with Windows Phone. Our company is trying to do away with pagers, and my neighborhood is in a dead zone for them anyway. My ideal solution would be an app that does something similar to what onPage does for iOS, where an email to their service triggers an alarm on your phone, but I'm not finding anything similar to that on WP8.

    If there was a way to tag a custom notification to a single email box, I could create a dummy box that is only meant to receive these pages... but I don't think we have that ability yet. Is that ability supposed to be coming?

    Any help would be really appreciated.. i REALLY don't want to switch from my 925.
    11-12-2013 09:40 AM

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