Surface Pro 7 deal! Save big at Amazon right now

  1. Bob L1's Avatar
    11-12-2013 10:10 AM
  2. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Thanks for letting us know! Maybe Instagram today too, or that on the 22nd?
    11-12-2013 10:23 AM
  3. dznk's Avatar
    That's good to hear. It's not really something I'd use, but good to see it released on WP. It's another one ticked off the list for missing 'major' apps :)
    11-12-2013 10:23 AM
  4. crash1989's Avatar
    11-12-2013 10:25 AM
  5. Jessica Lares's Avatar
    I hope it isn't blocked on the 520 since we're missing a front face camera. :P.
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    11-12-2013 10:26 AM
  6. Blacklac's Avatar
    I like 6sec, but hopefully this has some better video editing options.
    11-12-2013 11:05 AM
  7. berty6294's Avatar
    Yeah, tried it. 6sec is better in every single aspect! I'd argue the official Vine app sucks!
    11-12-2013 12:18 PM
  8. Blacklac's Avatar
    Its also a 1.0 version. Lol. Give it a few months. Atleast we have it and it works.
    11-12-2013 12:31 PM
  9. iamtim's Avatar
    The official Vine app does not suck. It may not be as feature rich as 6sec, but it works, it's an official app, and the Vine home page looks like this:


    Note the "Get it for Windows" button. That's exactly what WP needs. The lack of Vine is, now, no longer a reason for people to skip over Windows Phones and find better apps like 6sec.

    We should think of "official" apps as, like, gateway drugs. :D
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    11-12-2013 02:50 PM
  10. Martsicky's Avatar
    It's great to see an official app available on my beloved Windows Phone OS, however I feel a bit disappointed. I rarely use Vine, but community have been waiting for its release for long time. I've downloaded it and tested today. I have to say, that I'm confused.
    We (here) were waiting so long, and finally we received.... castrated & incomplete product. Knowing efforts that well-known publishers put into WP, we will wait about 6 months, before application become as good as it is already on iOS & Android.

    I really love WP, I can't imagine switching to smartphone running another OS, but I won't say that I'm delighted with the Vine app and its great.... because it is NOT. :)
    11-12-2013 03:10 PM
  11. iamtim's Avatar
    Castrated and incomplete? How?
    11-12-2013 03:33 PM
  12. Martsicky's Avatar
    Castrated and incomplete? How?
    no drafts, lacks a few editing abilities, post customization is richer on iOS and Android. IMO, app is really sluggish. Sometimes hangs on start-up, video playback also could be better. Feels more like a late phase of BETA, not a final release. Really It's my opinion, I don't say that you have to agree with it ;-) Just my personal feelings and thoughts about Vine app. I find design really cool, but that's the only thing I like about at the moment. Overall rating 2+/5 stars. Looking forward to see several updates which will make things better. ;)
    11-12-2013 04:01 PM
  13. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Someone has gotta change the Wikipedia page. I'm too lazy. :P
    11-12-2013 04:43 PM
  14. dznk's Avatar
    Someone has gotta change the Wikipedia page. I'm too lazy. :P

    Vine (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It's now been done :)
    unstoppablekem likes this.
    11-12-2013 05:12 PM
  15. MyNL822's Avatar
    Lol, "6sec is better than vine in every aspect.," if so, than why do you have to pay to upload vines(free in Vine) and when recording everytime you don't hold the screen it goes to a black screen in the video, meaning if I try to record a vine to different places it will have a black screen in the transition. Also, does 6sec have an option to mute, and does it have a memory for loaded vines? Vine can load a vine it will be the normal rate but if you have viewed the vine before and you come back to it, it will load instantly.
    11-13-2013 05:47 AM

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