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    Please ignore mentions of audio issues. I believe that this was an isolated problem in the Vine app during my testing. I have updated my conclusion to reflect this.


    Now that the official Vine app is available to download, I thought I'd do a little comparison between it and the popular third party app 6sec looking at the UI and features of both.

    Front and centre
    First up, let's take a look at the home page which is what you'll first see after logging in and where you'll see the Vines of who you follow.

    wp_ss_20131114_0001.png wp_ss_20131114_0012.png

    On the left we have 6sec and on the right you'll see the official Vine app. Branding is an obvious one here with Rudy's now tried and true style that made its way into 6tag as well. Vine uses the same styling from their Twitter app but also having the video player take up more of the screen while 6sec adopts a more polaroid style using gestures to reach sharing options accessed via flipping the video over. These same controls are accessed underneath the video on the Vine app as well as a preview of the newest comments. Navigation through Vine, you can either use familiar swipes or by tapping the icon at the top which will take you through your home page, activity, explore and your profile with search and recording at the bottom. To access these same pages within 6sec, you'll find activies as well as your profile in the top right while explore, recording and search are found in the bottom bar.

    Unique features
    Rudy made quite a few heads turn with the release 6sec. Not for just releasing it but for having features that the official app didn't even have.

    wp_ss_20131114_0006.png wp_ss_20131114_0010.png

    Two truly stand out features of 6sec are semantic zoom which allows you to "pinch" out and see a view of lots of videos at once and the ability to disable videos auto playing. The latter is extremely useful as you can choose what you want to watch rather than scrolling through and being surprised by random louds noises that are often the case for most Vines. The official app allows you to mute which is hidden away in the ellipsis menu and no where near as useful.

    For the official Vine app, there is ghost. This feature is great if you're interesting in doing stop motion or just want to keep things in frame. It's very similar to panorama apps whereby you'll be able to see a faint image of what you've previously recorded so you can line things up.

    Filming and Pinning
    Vine got to be as popular as it is because it was easy to use and people really liked the idea of these short videos so how's the experience on Windows Phone?

    wp_ss_20131114_0007.jpg wp_ss_20131114_0019.png
    *sorry for the grossness of my sweat

    While recording is achieved the same way, they are both successful at different things and some not so successful in the official apps case (more on this shortly). As mentioned in unique features, Vine allows you to overlay your previous frame allowing for more accurate stop motion. The recording is also a lot smoother when using rapid taps in Vine while 6sec struggles and fails to produce a preview (in my testing). 6sec does have a few aces up its sleeve though. It can be used in either portrait or landscape as well as using the physical camera button to focus and record which the official app doesn't make use of. You can also enable the led to light up darker scenes, something else that's not found within the official app. But the biggest ace up its sleeve is that it records sound when recording. There is currently a bug in the official app that only records at the beginning and then stops. Hopefully this will be fixed soon though or may have even been a bug introduced through the newest update.

    With regards to pinning, both will display a static image of the most recent video but Vine will flip back and forth from this to its logo. The live tile also has a text overlay if there is any. Both apps also allow you to pin individual users but Vine is a little more flexible here as it will scroll throw a users latest videos while 6sec will only display the latest. Vine also allows the camera to be pinned from within the app.

    Come explore with me
    Not really much to say here other than that I feel 6sec trumps the official app when it comes to the explore section showing more categories on the page while Vine has large icons taking up a larger portion of the screen for little reason which isn't helped by the fact that they come across looking blurry and low-res. Once going into a category, the semantic zoom found in 6sec. Trending is also given its own pivot within 6sec while relegated to the bottom in Vine.

    wp_ss_20131114_0004.png wp_ss_20131114_0016.png

    While Windows Phone is often mocked for its lack of apps and even quality, the release of the official Vine app is testament to how good some developers can really be. Rudy is a superstar within our community and rightfully so. While it's great to have official apps, when done right the 3rd party apps can absolutely trump them. If you're someone who only has a Windows Phone and hasn't used 6sec but loves the idea of recording a lot of short videos and experimenting, the official Vine app is the way to go. The ghost feature is fantastic and hopefully the app will be updated to incorporate features found in the Android & iOS apps. Vine also do a great job with each version having its own unique look to fit in with that platform rather than just take something that exists and porting it over with minimal amount of work. I do feel that 6sec really does trump the official release though in a lot of areas that I've listed above as well as others that I haven't even mentioned here. For me, I'm going to keep the camera pinned from Vine but use 6sec for general viewing.

    To view more images comparing the two, please visit the link below:

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    Hello future WPCentral author. ;)

    Jokes aside, excellent post. Excellent journalistic skills. Excellent topic!

    I would give this post 920 points on a 920 point scale.
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    11-13-2013 09:12 PM
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    Lol, thanks. There was still a bunch of other things I wanted to cover but they're very minor and still favour 6sec over Vine. I will definitely do another one of these types of comparisons though once Instagram is released.
    11-13-2013 10:30 PM
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    I actually have been using vine all day and imo despite a few glitches, the official app is actually on par equally with 6sec.

    I certainly do like the ui of the official app.
    11-13-2013 10:43 PM
  5. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    I actually have been using vine all day and imo despite a few glitches, the official app is actually on par equally with 6sec.

    I certainly do like the ui of
    the official app.
    11-13-2013 10:45 PM
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    It's certainly a good app, don't get me wrong but considering 6sec was made by one guy and offers more features, Vine should be better. 6sec just has some nice little details such as a progress bar when a video plays, being able to play a video when you want it to play and a pause overlay icon just so you know. I find that videos just playing by themselves quite jarring and the mute option is not good enough substitute as you're constantly going back and forth. To be fair, I do say that pinning in Vine is superior, especially if you're really into certain people and want to access just their videos. I will give the nod to recording on the Vine app though. Ghost is great and the transition from cut to cut doesn't stutter like it does in 6sec but I watch videos on Vine much more than I film them and 6sec does a better job.
    11-13-2013 10:58 PM
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    Why the official one is not using the Metro UI standards? Where are the pivoting or panorama view designs? Vine hate Metro UI too perhaps?
    11-13-2013 11:29 PM
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    This is how all the reviews should be, add tons of pictures so people can skimp through quickly . Not that I do that...
    11-13-2013 11:33 PM
  9. willybraatlund's Avatar
    Why the official one is not using the Metro UI standards? Where are the pivoting or panorama view designs? Vine hate Metro UI too perhaps?
    I think the Metro UI has in some way been "updated", look at the UI on the twitter app and the official Vine, and also if you choose modern in 6tag. They all look the same and take the best from Metro UI; the swiping. In my opinion I like these UI's so much better than the official "metro ui".
    11-14-2013 02:01 AM
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    Can you use twitter to log in to 6sec? It doesn't seem like it is letting me do that.

    Edit: Nevermind I am dumb. Was trying to sign into 6tag and didn't even notice haha.
    11-15-2013 11:29 AM

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