1. AlwaysColtron's Avatar
    Okay, here is my question gang. Besides SkyDrive, because I don't think it will work the way I want it to in this situation, does anyone know of a way to share saved data across multiple devices and Windows OSs. Example: So I just downloaded the new Star Wars game for both my Surface RT and WP. I have made some great progress on my tablet but cannot always have it with me, mostly at work, so on my downtime I would like to continue to play but when I play on my phone it is a different saved file. I understand why it is that way, because saved data for games and such apps are saved locally, but does anyone know of an app or setting where I can share my saved data across devices? I see this would be a huge benefit for other games like Angry Birds but also have the benefit of sharing other app data that doesn't save over SkyDrive. I see the issue being that most apps that Windows and WP versions and even apps like Facebook are different on the different platforms but hey, figured I'd give it a try.
    11-18-2013 03:49 PM
  2. wapoz's Avatar
    A lot of that depends on the app itself. Right now WP apps and desktop apps use different API's, so from my understanding it's not exactly possible to do what you're looking for unless the developer offers their own cloud based synching service tailored to their app. We may or may not see what you're looking for come down the road as MS unifies API's for Windows, Windows RT, and WP, but for now no one but MS knows for sure.
    11-18-2013 03:57 PM

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