1. Prakash Porua1's Avatar
    I have updated my nokia music application on my lumia 520 to Nokia Mix Radio, but the app is crashing when I am playing songs from my playlists.
    The song plays for 4-5 secs and then stops.

    I have performed soft reset once and it was no good.

    Will appreciate a reply if anyone is getting the same problem and has any solution to this issue.

    Nokia Mix Radio crashes when playing Music from phone data - Microsoft Community This is the thread that ih vae posted in microsoft community regarding the same problem
    11-25-2013 12:28 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Moved to Nokia Applications forum.
    11-25-2013 12:32 AM
  3. Prakash Porua1's Avatar
    When I try to skip tracks by clicking on the forward button, the app just crashes
    11-25-2013 01:20 AM
  4. ChrisMay's Avatar
    Have you tried deleting the App, and reinstalling?
    11-26-2013 11:42 AM

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