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    So, i took a step into Audible today and oh boy... Hope this make sense and there are suggestions around.. I managed to dl an audiobook to my device with no problem in the UK and im enjoying the experience. However, after logging into the Audible.com store (seemingly US based) and downloading another title, via a promo offer, i have found that it doesn't appear to sync between my tablet and my WP8 device. Is this region issue normal? Do libraries sync via the cloud? It seems like i should be able to quite easily but.. It seems not. Are the two stores separate entities and do the libraries not sync? If so i now have two devices with a book on each.. thoughts and tips welcome!

    edit: I have since realised that I am able to sign out of the UK store and into the '.com' US on the phone and dl locally to the device, not sure if this will sort my issue or not. I want both title accessible on one device without having to sign out and in to my region each time I want to listen between titles...

    edit 2: turns out this has NOT solved my problems. I tried pinning book '1' from the UK store to the homescreen, but upon signing out, and into the 'US' account (bear in mind my log in credentials for both stores are identical) and trying to pin the 2nd book... it clears the first book's data and the pinned tile vanishes from the screen. This is ludicrous!

    My impression was that being an online service, my purchases should be accessible, synced to my library and available on my devices that I choose to use. It turns out this is not the case and this distinction is not clear-particularly the region specific nature of my problem. Infuriatingly, even after downloading BOTH titles locally to my phone, they can only be accessed separately by logging in and out of each region. Why one cannot choose to listen to two or more titles and manage them between regions is a huge flaw imo. So disappointing. I'm just glad my only purchases to date have been free..

    Again, any tips welcome!!
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