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    Not sure how many people out there use Fuse but I love it. I've tried a dozen other RSS feed apps and I haven't found myself liking anything as much as Fuse.

    I had it installed on my 920 with a wide tile that would update regularly with a picture of the last article on one side and the article heading on the other. Since getting a 1520 the live tiles on Fuse don't render properly. However, I don't know if this only happening to me or to anyone else on the 1520. When I now pin a live tile it only shows a blank solid colored tile on one side and another solid colored tile on the other side but with an article heading. Clearly this is not what is supposed to show. I've reinstalled it several times and have had mixed results. Another time it showed up with a picture on one side but blank on the other. Then another time it showed up with a picture that wouldn't update on that side but the article heading on the other side would update.

    I'm a little sad that it's lost it's functionality as I've had to resort to Pheeb. Sadly Pheeb doesn't show full articles as Fuse did and I'm having to open the full article up on the actual webpage most of the time.
    12-29-2013 11:12 PM

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