1. DAIMONDY's Avatar
    So, ive had some games in the past that were on offer for free and i have recently upgraded my phone. If i go to redownload them they are no longer free to me even though i had them on a free offer.

    Why?? I thought if i got them for free then i would never have to pay for them on my account.

    Seems a bit wrong that's all...
    01-28-2014 03:26 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I would think you would hit buy, then it should be like "hey you've already gotten this! here!"

    I hope that's how it goes at leqst
    01-28-2014 03:28 PM
  3. DAIMONDY's Avatar
    Nope, i just tried it with sonic cd and its saying 3.99. Nothing about you already own this title at all. I even tried downloading it via recently purchased online and it just downloads the demo.
    01-28-2014 03:31 PM
  4. WoodsMonk's Avatar
    Did you use the same email address?
    01-28-2014 07:47 PM
  5. DAIMONDY's Avatar
    Yep all details are the same.
    01-29-2014 02:24 AM
  6. Localhorst86's Avatar
    Yep all details are the same.
    Sonic was never free I think. At least not ouside China. If you "bought" it for free in china, you have to switch your region to china first to "re-purchase" it.
    01-29-2014 03:50 AM
  7. DAIMONDY's Avatar
    Was free in uk for like a day. Gutted as ive had a few games for free but now it will charge me if i want them again.
    01-29-2014 05:29 AM
  8. jaypatel19's Avatar
    have you try to hit buy button? once you pressed it , it'll process ur ID & checked whether you download it before or not, then if u purchased it(means u download it when it's became free) then it'll just let u install, don't worry HIT BUY (even if u r first unlucky guy to have this issue) first it would seek ur permissions before proceeding payment, so don't worry about the extra payment

    01-29-2014 05:57 AM
  9. DAIMONDY's Avatar
    Yep, entered in my wallet password and it still has a fee to pay.
    01-31-2014 04:44 AM

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