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    ...but in the USA, WP8 is a tiny, tiny niche system that developers cannot afford to support, and I am really noticing it. Outside the USA it's much better (but that doesn't help me).

    My Lumia 620 is my first smartphone, and I like using it. I've had it for about a year. At first I thought all I needed was a web browser, maps, public transport and social media. But as I use it more and more, I realise how much I am missing.

    I can't use my phone to find local zipcars and car2go cars, I can't buy tickets for public transport, I can't see any real-time public transport schedules, I can't use Swype, I can't participate in decent group SMS conversations, I can't use any city-specific apps (e.g. Supportland, or other city guides for Portland), and I am missing a whole lot of payment, banking and share trading apps. Even the really popular apps WP8 gets about 2 years too late.

    I don't see WP being big in the USA; not in the next few years at least. When I can afford a new phone, I'll be switching to Android - sure it's ugly and complicated, but at least it functions.
    02-15-2014 03:15 PM
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    WP app support is no where near as bad as you are making. Also, most big name apps come close to, if not, immediately now-a-days. There certainly are niche apps (the ones you mentioned) that take much longer. Anyone who has been around WP for awhile knows if has gotten A LOT better over the last year and only continues to improve.

    That said, if there are very specific apps you need, I do encourage you to go to the OS that has those. There is no OS that is for everyone.
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    02-15-2014 04:05 PM

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