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    I've had several Windows Phones in the past, starting with the OG Samsung Focus and most recently the 925 on T-Mo. I've also had several Android phones and right now my daily driver is a Nexus 5. As I currently don't have a WP and I'm starting to get the itch again, I thought I'd do a quick survey of app availability on WP based on what I consider "core" apps on my Nexus 5 (i.e. apps that I open weekly, if not daily). Thought it might be interesting to share the results :)

    High level, it's only getting better. If you don't include Google Apps (for which I've essentially given up hope for official apps), nearly 2/3 of my core apps have official clients and only 1 is completely unavailable in any way:

    WP Availability Count Percent
    Official app
    17 63%
    Alternate app/service 4 15%
    Mobile site 3 11%
    3rd party client 2 7%
    unavailable 1 4%
    Grand Total 27 100%

    Now, if you include Google apps:

    WP Availability Count Percent
    Official app
    17 47%
    3rd party client 8 22%
    Alternate app/service 6 17%
    Mobile site 3 8%
    unavailable 2 6%
    Grand Total 36% 100%

    Is it ideal? No...but as I said it's a lot better than it was and I only expect it to grow. I would note that for a couple of the apps that are "3rd party" or unavailable, the Android app is garbage too (Goodreads, Safeway)...so clearly they don't have a very good non-iOS focus. Additionally, the services marked as "mobile site" are really well done such that when paired with the WP app "WebApps," you'll hardly know the difference since the Android app is simply the mobile site in an app wrapper anyway. Here's the full list of my "core" apps if you're curious:

    Android WP8 3rd Party App or Mobile Site
    Amazon Official
    Audible Official
    Bank of America Official
    Capital One Mobile Site moblprod.capitalone.com
    eBay Official
    Evernote Official
    Expensify Official
    Facebook Official
    Gmail 3rd party MetroMail
    Goodreads 3rd party Social Reads
    Google+ 3rd party (nothing good)
    Google Drive 3rd party Google Drive on WP
    Google Maps Alternate Waze
    Google One Today unavailable
    Google Play Music 3rd party CloudMuzik (get beta from dev)
    Google Translate Alternate Bing Translator
    Google Voice 3rd party MetroTalk
    Hangouts 3rd party IM+ Pro
    IMDB Official
    Instagram Official
    LastPass Official
    Lift Mobile Site www.lift.do
    Mint Official
    MyFitnessPal Official
    PayPal Official
    PocketCasts Alternate Podcast Lounge (...waiting for 8.1's new app)
    Press Alternate Nextgen Reader or Phonly
    Safeway unavailable
    Skype Official
    Speedtest.net Official
    Talkatone (receive VoIP) Alternate Skype (paid) or Viber
    Trello Mobile Site www.trello.com
    Twitter Official
    Windows Phone Central Official
    Yahoo Sports Alternate Bing Sports
    YouTube 3rd party MetroTube or others

    Point is, I think I'll be taking the plunge again with the 1020 :) Are there any great official apps, well done official web apps, or great 3rd party clients that you really like? I'm interested to hear what everyone's "core" apps/services are, particularly if you moved from iOS or Android and had to migrate to the new ecosystem.
    03-04-2014 01:25 AM
  2. anon5354051's Avatar
    Nice overview, but not very accurate. You can find an alternative to a lot of apps, but what if you have to use the one that's not available on Windows Phone?
    03-04-2014 02:10 AM
  3. mtmjr90's Avatar
    Nice overview, but not very accurate. You can find an alternative to a lot of apps, but what if you have to use the one that's not available on Windows Phone?
    Curious...what do you mean? What's not accurate about my specific list?

    Yes, there are certainly some apps that are simply unavailable on WP (i.e. no official app, no viable alternative, no 3rd party so app, no mobile site). The Safeway app is an example in my list.

    For my part, I'll be keeping my Nexus 5 around for when I need those couple of apps, but the point of this post was to say that for my personal core apps, I'm nearly 100% covered by what's available on WP.
    03-04-2014 09:11 AM

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