1. vladfrenkel's Avatar
    Dear WP8 users and wpcentral community.

    Help needed. Basically my daughter is taking soccer classes via XXX league. League uses sport Ngin engine, as the data storage, including very neat thing in their app (Android, IOS) to upload photos. Basically one could upload photos rite away, during the game, thus building nice photo stream for the team. Long story short, there is no app for WP8 (I'm not surprised...), Website does not allow to upload photos from WP8 (OK from Android, IOS). Company (SPORT GIN) responded back in October - quote:
    "We are constantly evaluating traffic trends on the Sport Ngin platform. In order to begin considering app development for a new OS, operating system visit numbers need to break the 5% barrier. Traffic percentages across the entire Sport Ngin platform over the last 30 days are as follows:

    iOS = 25.75%
    Android = 7.91%
    Windows Phone = 0.21%

    Wed love to bring the Sport Ngin experience to Windows Phone users, but the numbers need to justify the cost it would take to build and maintain the new app."

    I bet those numbers have changed slightly from October, but there is definitely Catch 22 here. App will be created only if number hits 5% barrier, but users who actually interested in app, don't really use the Web Page, cause it is useless... I was wondering, could more of us, actually hit this website, to generate the needed number: sportngin.com .

    Also this request is pretty high in number of user votes currently on their "support website". Let's add number of votes as well !!!

    Here is a full article/request: Develop Mobile App for Windows Phone/Tablets. – Customer Feedback & Ideas for Sport Ngin

    Thanks a lot, guys.
    I hope there is a time for the end users to make a difference, and finally influence and shrink app deficit. Let's see if they could keep their word !!!
    03-13-2014 09:57 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That looks like an app that would be useful to a lot of people. I hope you are able to get it for Windows Phone.
    03-13-2014 10:04 PM
  3. vladfrenkel's Avatar
    Thanks Laura. I hope we all could sway them our way. I'm constantly making pictures, that all parents are enjoying (From NL 1020 and recenty NL 1520) - quality simply stunning compared to "other" phones, but forced to upload them via PC. And this number even not "counted" toward WP8 usage...
    03-13-2014 10:15 PM

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