1. thiagolndr's Avatar
    Hey everyone,
    I would like to know if anyone know where can I find a case for Nokia Lumia like this one above.


    Thank you!
    03-24-2014 12:34 PM
  2. Curtieson's Avatar
    Very tough to tell with just a screen shot of the front. Where did you get that pic? An article here?

    1st answer is incorrect: WPCENTRAL STORE! (they don't carry it )
    2nd answer is a little more helpful: Amazon.

    Not the specific one, but looks similar.
    Amazon.com: GreatShield Guardian S Series Slim-Fit Case Flexible TPU Cover for Nokia Lumia 720 (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories
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    03-24-2014 01:42 PM
  3. thiagolndr's Avatar
    I understand its difficult, but thank you for helping. This picture is from the article "(Explore a city of robots in Machinarium for Windows Phone [Updated] | Windows Phone Central)."
    If anyone has another similar case, please tell me ^^
    03-24-2014 01:55 PM

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