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    I recently found a pair of games that are good variations on the reversi/othello-type puzzles. WiTZ and WiTZ Turf are put out by Curious Solutions and are very well designed and produced.

    They play well and are easy to learn if you know the basic strategy of reversi/othello. If you're not familiar with those puzzles, WiTZ is a little confusing, especially since the tutorial is not real clear.

    The graphics are excellent, and you can play ad-free or upgrade to bigger boards for $1.99, which considering the app's quality is reasonable.

    WiTZ Turf is similar to the original game but adds solid tiles that are restricted to specific parts of the puzzle. I'm not sure yet which version is better, but Turf adds more complexity and strategizing.

    Ironically I don't like reversi/othello, but I like these puzzles.


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    Thanks for sharing this Eric :)
    03-25-2014 10:27 PM

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