1. PGLab's Avatar
    He plumber Mario after completing the rescue mission mushroom kingdom has rewarded himself a trip "Donate" long across the top of Everest. After an interesting trip through the mountains full of snow, then he heard the name Mario old turtle Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach again ...
    On the way to the mushroom kingdom, he was to meet a new enemy. That guy Yeti.
    How to play:
    -Tilt the screen to control the direction of movement of Mario.
    -Try to avoid obstacles such as rocks, forest pigs ...
    Fast-food items to hand up, picking up snow to throw names yeti.
    -Tap the screen to throw the snow behind the name, remember the exact house okay.
    -In dangerous situations, remember to use the items in the shop to support.
    -And finally. Let's Go!

    Link download: Mario And Snow Man | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    QR code:

    Please download and review for me!
    03-27-2014 01:28 PM
  2. Curtieson's Avatar
    Skifree for the phone. I loved that game, so simple, haha.

    I take it you aren't too worried about the game getting popular since I doubt you have the IP rights of Mario?
    03-27-2014 02:06 PM
  3. Maritox Cacici's Avatar
    downloading! What program do you use?
    03-27-2014 02:12 PM
  4. PGLab's Avatar
    Interesting game for weekend.
    04-05-2014 01:42 PM

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