1. 10curtains's Avatar
    Hi all, I thought I would share this as I spent ages searching for a car stereo cd player that would work with my phone.
    I have the L925 also L800. I have an old landrover discovery 14 years old, it still had original multi cd thingy.
    Having got this brilliant phone L925 I decided it was time to upgrade car cd player.( Can't afford new car so next best thing was a new cd player.)
    Anyway after lots of research I decided on the Sony MEX BT4100U Audio system about 100. Husband fitted it with difficulty as the landrover cd player has totally different connections. He managed to work out how to get it set up thankfully (as I could see the guarantee going out the window ) and oh my goodness I'm in technology heaven. All my contacts are now in this stereo. I can make calls. I can receive calls all hands free. I can even talk to it ( well that's when my phone understands my accent). I can now get in my car pick my music or audio book and I have my music through the car system.
    I thought I would share this as I found that a lot of these Bluetooth stereos harped on about working with iPhones. I know this one said the same but after reading a review on Amazon that it worked with the L800 and it being set up to work with android I reckoned it would work with WP. Although there is an app for iphone and android and surprise surprise none for windows but I can't see any need for it.
    So to recap the Sony MEX BT4100U works beautifully with my windows phone.
    I know such a sad person to get excited about a phone and a car stereo, but I really do feel like a kid with a new toy.
    I love technology.
    (I wasn't sure where to put this post)
    03-31-2014 08:02 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That's awesome! I'm glad you like your new car stereo and that it works great with your Windows Phone.
    03-31-2014 09:22 AM

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