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    I switched to WP, and one of the kicks in the crotch is the lack of Google Voice support. I don't like Google any more either, but I liked the free number.

    So, I got the "premium" account from my purchase of the SP 2, and I even popped for a "number". My question is, does it have Google Voice-like functionality? If I st it up, people can call me "second" (Skype) number, and it will ring through to my cell? Can I place calls from the Skype number though my cell? And have the caller ID reflect that number? Can I send and receive text message to the Skype number? Is there a simpler Skype interface to make all this happen?

    MetroTalk did all this (and more, FOR FREE), but looks like the ******* contest between MS and Google is clipping that one.

    Any help?

    04-05-2014 01:19 AM
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    I found this from 2012 on the internet - not much has changed for Skype so you may find it useful - Skype vs. Google Voice: Feature-by-feature showdown

    Also, Skype WP app currently is laughable at the best in terms of functionality. WP8.1 although, may have an updated app in a month or so, which could be a notch better, I won't hold my breath.
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    04-05-2014 06:10 AM

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