1. kylezangel's Avatar
    Hey everyone!
    So I'm looking around for a good case/cover for my yellow 820, and being in South Africa doesn't give me much choice. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

    I was thinking about getting one of those transparent blue s-line cases in the hope it would create a cool dual-tone effect, much like what Nokia did with the 620. Is it worth considering?
    04-06-2014 12:56 AM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    If your phone does not have wireless charging you could just get a wireless charging cover :) It's slim and doesn't take much away from the phone; does over limited protection, but not against a "hard fall"
    04-06-2014 06:33 AM
  3. kylezangel's Avatar
    True I could. Although its near impossible to get original OEM accessories here for a decent price. That's SA for you. The cheapest I've seen is the rugged shell for about $28. I've heard they're quite good, and they look stylish. Or I could get a simple gel case.

    Unfortunately the money gods aren't being kind to me, I only got a used 820 with a scratched screen and camera module.
    04-06-2014 12:23 PM

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