1. wpbazaar's Avatar
    I feel like this question would have been asked a thousand times before but I haven't found any answers yet.

    I keep work tasks in office365, and personal tasks in outlook.com. Both task sources are showing up in Calendar but I want to get them into a single live tile.

    I have no interest in signing up to additional task services or using advanced activity planning methodologies, I just want my aggregated tasks to show up in a single live tile in priority order.

    I have seen suggestions that OneNote can be used for this. It seems a bit free-form, like I'm having to develop my own task app on the fly, and due dates don't seem to be a concept in OneNote, but hey I'm willing to try. Somebody just tell me how to automatically aggregate my office365 and outlook.com "tasks" into one Notebook and display it in a single live tile - then I'll be golden!
    04-17-2014 08:26 PM
  2. rastanac's Avatar
    Same here.. also looking for an app that:
    • Grabs/sync tasks from an outlook.com account
    • Has a Live Tile that lists out the task (sorted by due date)
    • Supports tags or categories (although that could be difficult as we don't have those in www.outlook.com tasks)

    People have recommended a number of apps but nothing successfully syncs with my outlook.com account (tried Telerik Task, Tasks by In The Hand, To-Do Prime does it by creating a 'Tasks' calendar which I don't like, none of them work)

    Why I'd prefer Tasks over Calendar entries?
    - easy to manage by 'completing' tasks (tapping on checkbox)
    - manage recurrence but doesn't mess up my Calendar
    - Calendar entries go away from the Calendar view as soon as the due date is in the past, difficult to re-visit/manage
    05-12-2014 09:42 AM

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