1. plasmapuff's Avatar
    Hi peoples,

    So I've decided to take the plunge and am getting a Lumia 1520 and will be loading on 8.1 developer preview.

    Could someone please kindly take a look and comment on some suggestions about the following issues I may have and whether there are any solutions?

    At the moment the app gapps I have are mainly:

    1) Google Hangouts Apparently IM+ does hangouts text but doesn't auto update and there are no notifications. Not a huge loss though as I only have a few inner circle friends who use it and Facebook Messenger is arguably the more universal chat client. Hangouts was good because everyone who had an android phone was automatically logged into hangouts (whether they knew it or not).

    2) Strava for cycling Cyclometer with a paid plugin can apparently upload to Strava though which should be ok.

    3) Strava for running- I wanted an app which can upload to strava and give voice prompts about pace and speed etc. Endomondo does voice prompts but doesn't upload to strava, where as Cyclometer has strave uploads but no voice prompts. Any other alternatives?

    4) OSM/Locus for offline GPX map routing I use this to map cycling routes pre-ride and it gives voice prompts about navigation with my BT headset. Can you use HERE Maps to give voice nav to avoid main roads and stick to bike paths?

    5) CHM Reader A few textbooks are still in CHM (compiled HTML) format and there is only 1 CHM reader on WP8 which has terrible reviews. My work around is to decompile the CHM files into HTML and then re organise them as PDFs. Out of interest what's everyone's go to PDF reader app?

    6) Playing mkv files multitude of free players for android. MoliPlayer Pro as a paid app seems to handle it.

    Apps with no work around
    7) Medical apps BMJ Best practice, Epocrates, Medscape which are all free and pretty standard on Android have no WP8 equivalents. I'll have to rely on online databases and PDFs.

    8) Pebble Watch again no useable workarounds. There's a crippled attempt where you have to keep the app in the foreground, disable the lock screen and even then it only does email and FB. Not calls or sms.

    9) Ad blocker not sure how I'm going to go on WP with ads in apps suddenly. A luxury I've had with android being rooted and running adblocker.

    cheers, hope to see everyone around :)
    04-20-2014 09:36 AM
  2. kingenu's Avatar
    number 9 is not possible, pay for ads to be removed
    is this what you want for number 8? Pebble Watch Pro | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    5) adobe reader does the job for me
    4) im not too sure

    thats all i got so far
    04-20-2014 10:34 AM

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