08-05-2018 04:14 PM
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  1. winrayjay99's Avatar
    Hey Ryan with windows 10 coming to Xbox one do you plan to make your gaming apps more Xbox one compatible?
    12-22-2014 08:41 PM
  2. Mohamed Ashid's Avatar
    Asphalt 8: Airborne and Despicable me: Minion Rush next to receive Xbox live!
    12-23-2014 09:58 PM
  3. GohanGautham's Avatar
    Asphalt 8: Airborne and Despicable me: Minion Rush next to receive Xbox live!

    Was about to post just this! Both games have started to show up in the Xbox section! 😊

    Ryan please do convey my thanks to Gameloft for making Asphalt 8 Airborne an Xbox title! :)

    12-23-2014 10:02 PM
  4. Jonathanmr7's Avatar
    Damn... What about dungeon hunter? Lag in story and like hell in online on my 720 :( (its not my internet)
    Maritox Cacici likes this.
    12-24-2014 01:37 AM
  5. Usama Jawad96's Avatar
    The achievements for Minion Rush have already been discovered, all of them look easily achievable except the last one. :D
    Source: Paul Acevedo

    Despicable Me: Minion Rush Achievements - XboxAchievements.com
    12-24-2014 03:59 AM
  6. Maritox Cacici's Avatar
    Damn... What about dungeon hunter? Lag in story and like hell in online on my 720 :( (its not my internet)
    Totally agree. I dropped this game so many times because this. And I want to play it so badly!
    Jonathanmr7 likes this.
    12-24-2014 04:22 AM
  7. Akash Patel's Avatar
    Asphalt 8 updated to v1.7.0.10 becomes another Gameloft game to get Xbox Live
    Gifts are coming early this year! Download the new Asphalt 8 update and unwrap all these sweet new features:
    - PRO KITS: Take your car’s stats to the limit… then break clear through to the sky!
    - 11 NEW CARS: For the first time ever in a video game, drive the Tramontana XTR and Arrinera Hussarya along with other amazing speed machines.
    - NEW LOCATION: Race, compete and survive the craziest & most challenging tracks we’ve ever created!
    - HOLIDAY RUSH: Feel the winter spirit by burning rubber on 3 winter-themed tracks.
    - NEW TOKEN SYSTEM: Nothing is beyond your reach now! Earn tokens to acquire exclusive cars, refill Fuel or buy Boosters. Stock up on tokens by playing events or purchasing them in the Shop.

    Asphalt 8: Airborne | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (India)

    UPDATE The update is 878MB and it also have a in game download of 283.84MB
    Last edited by Akash Patel; 12-24-2014 at 08:06 AM.
    12-24-2014 07:19 AM
  8. Maritox Cacici's Avatar
    12-24-2014 07:26 AM
  9. Toan Le's Avatar
    Both Asphalt 8 and Minion Rush have just got Xbox Live brand? Great job, Gameloft! Awesome Christmas gifts!
    12-24-2014 08:04 AM
  10. karan madhyani1's Avatar
    Is der any possibility of gangstar vegas making it to windows phone i hope it does!
    Maritox Cacici likes this.
    12-24-2014 08:19 AM
  11. Tjalsma's Avatar
    No matter what I do Asphalt Overdrive sends me notifications like every 20 minutes...all day long even though I have them turned off. And why does it keep asking me who my cell provider is?
    12-24-2014 08:22 AM
  12. Aero_Smash's Avatar
    I'm only waiting now for MC5 y Ice Age 2 with Xbox
    12-24-2014 09:24 AM
  13. Aero_Smash's Avatar
    I think Ryan left the forum...
    12-25-2014 02:22 PM
  14. tooly26's Avatar
    Chill down, its Christmas time its holiday time :) everybody needs a break :)
    12-25-2014 02:47 PM
  15. Rajesh Pradhan's Avatar
    Asphalt 8 is not installing....i tried to reset my Lumia 520.also tried Installing through memory card but nothing...only showing retry option
    12-26-2014 09:31 AM
  16. Jonathanmr7's Avatar
    New update for six guns
    Say coming soon for the 3 platforms
    karan madhyani1 likes this.
    12-26-2014 04:26 PM
  17. GohanGautham's Avatar
    Hey Ryan! Convey my thanks to the Gameloft for making Asphalt 8 an Xbox live game and also for introducing the mind blowing sector 8 location! This is the best location of the game so far! :D and it does not lag a bit on both low-end and high-end! Now the game lags only in Dubai track in low end devices! Hope Gameloft fixes it one day but now the game is awesome! And yes please ask the development team whether they are gonna launch Sector 8 events in Career mode! Thanks! :)
    12-28-2014 11:29 AM
  18. Akash Patel's Avatar
    Total Conquest becomes xbox live game on both windows 8/8.1 and WindowsPhone

    What’s New:
    • The ultimate test of strategy & teamwork
    • Battle rival factions across a map of the Empire

    • A new unit only available as a Conquest Mode reward
    • Explodes upon death & returns to the fight once per battle

    • Graphics Upgrade: Environments that are more vibrant & stylized
    • Request reinforcements via chat for the exact troops you need

    WindowsPhone : Total Conquest | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (India)

    windows 8/8.1 Total Conquest app for Windows in the Windows Store

    12-29-2014 02:54 AM
  19. Maritox Cacici's Avatar
    Pastry paradise nd heroes next plz :P:D
    12-29-2014 04:16 AM
  20. Doffen's Avatar
    I really like that all these games are being updated with Xbox support.
    Gameloft is without a doubt one of my favorite devs on Windows Phone.

    I just hope they are planning to add Xbox support to all their upcoming games and update Blitz Brigade, Dungeon Hunter 4, BiA 3 and GT Racing 2.
    Jonathanmr7 likes this.
    12-29-2014 04:21 PM
  21. DennisvdG's Avatar
    Hey Ryan, I see that Total Conquest just got updated, does it support 1080p resolution now?
    12-29-2014 10:46 PM
  22. Jonnie LasVegas's Avatar
    Ryan, quick question about Spiderman Unlimited. Does it support cloud backup/saves. I know a select few games do, but was curious if this one did.

    Thanks in advance.
    12-29-2014 10:57 PM
  23. lum5's Avatar
    After getting the minion rush update when I started to download the additional content when we open the game for first time it's stuck... Showing the error not able to connect to server... The app was in sd card when I installed the update is that the problem ? Pls some body help me 😓😌
    12-29-2014 11:13 PM
  24. Pranjal Rai's Avatar
    no, sd card shouldn't be a problem. try this, when the banner shows up, tap on ok. see if the download bar moves forward. the error appears randomly, sometimes even when connected to the internet. if it still doesn't resume, try installing it on phone.
    12-30-2014 09:21 AM
  25. Aniket Kesarkar's Avatar
    Despicable me is having problem. Showing me update is available to download but there is no update in wp store. Please help me. I can't play.
    12-30-2014 12:26 PM
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