04-07-2016 02:17 AM
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  1. X0LARIUM's Avatar
    How is the camera quality indoor nd low light shots?

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    Again, 720's is better TBH. 820 is Ok..nothing to boast about. Outdoor cam quality is killer but.
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    05-12-2014 07:04 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    I like how threads start off with one topic and quickly turn to another. :P

    So... how did I get here? (sounds like a line from Talking Heads song...)

    I've been a Nokia Symbian user for some time and I have used Windows OS almost since it's inception (yeah I'm old :P). Anyway, I thought since Symbian was coming to an end and I liked the idea behind WP I thought I would give it a go. I must admit that at the beginning I was quite disappointed with WP. As a contractor and running a business I have to say WP was a bit of failure to for me. Very frustrating to use in many cases, email being the biggest one at the time. After coming from Symbian and it's ability to do what I wanted was a bit of a shock to be limited I have to admit.

    Since I am no longer a contractor and have shut the business down I no longer have many issues with WP. As device to use everyday it's fine. I still wish the app situation would improve more and I hope to see greater flexibility with the OS with the coming updates to both firmware and the OS. So on the whole I'm happy but I'm still a bit unhappy with the phone choices at the moment.

    So I wait.
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    05-12-2014 07:08 AM
  3. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    How is the camera quality indoor nd low light shots?

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    My wife's L820 is fantastic in low light. My L920 I have issues and I'm considering a hard reset or to download a new firmware with Nokia Software Updater.
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    05-12-2014 07:11 AM
  4. Cryio's Avatar
    I'm 20 and my first smartphone was and still is the Lumia 820.

    I live in Romania and so for a few years, the dominant force was Symbian and everything Nokia. I didn't really care for smartphones when I was younger.

    I first heard of Symbian and Android when I was in the sixth or seventh grade. By 2010, smartphones were all the rage, yet I still knew almost nothing about either platforms. I knew iPhones were cool and expensive, Android was something ... Other than iPhones, Blackberry was something that I saw every business man using and made very little sense to me and Windows Mobile (I learned about it only when it got to version 6.0) was overly complicated, but looking cool as well (the Vista inspired Start).

    Anyway, I still didn't care for the smartphone phenomena as I was more than happy in 2008-2009 with a Nokia 6500 slide. But at least now I had some idea about what was happening in the teach world. In 2012, january-march or so, the marketing exploded about something new called Windows Phone. There were ads everywhere, on TV, in Shops, ads on the internet about the Lumia 900.

    My god, what a wonderful piece of tech. I was completely captivated. I was in desperate need of having it. Yet my family deemed it to expensive to warrant it's worth. Buying one with a data plan was even more absurd. So I mostly used cheap feature phones. A Nokia 5130 XpressMusic the most.

    Last year I finished high school and got into college. My parents were a little more generous and said I could get anything I wanted. By that time I was drooling over the Lumia 720 but in the end I put better specs first so in September 2013 I got the Lumia 820 unlocked for 465$. Not the best deal ever, since there were stores selling it for as low as 310$. Oh well.

    It goes without saying that I am completely in love with this phone and I am gladly recommending Windows Phone to anyone I know ever since.
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    05-12-2014 08:00 AM
  5. vepac's Avatar
    Family member got the phone (928) and didn't like it so I tried it and kept it. Sadly dropped it months afterwards which broke the screen, had to use a RAZR HD then when Verizon offered early edge I got the Icon.

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    05-12-2014 08:23 AM
  6. Kellzea's Avatar
    I had an HTC HD2 and ran win mob for a while, then got into android and custom roms. Then just for a laugh I tried wp7, man was it nice to use. Just so slick compared to android, and stable too. But still, I generally returned to android and even got a GS2 for my upgrade.

    Wp7.5 was ported and I flashed it to my hd2, something just clicked and I sold my galaxy. Leaving me using a then two year old phone running a "sub par os" and you know what? It was just better. Better than the gs2, better than android.

    I'm currently running a 920 and will either go for the 1520 or (fingers crossed) a new HTC wp8.1 phone. * please be an m8 running windows phone...pleeeeeeese*
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    05-12-2014 08:34 AM
  7. ThatLeoneGuy's Avatar
    I felt sorry for Microsoft. (just kidding).

    Actually, I have been with Apple since the mid 1980s. Just got tired of the Apple mantra. And finally Microsoft came out with a UI that makes sense (at least to this Mac guy). But I really like Windows Phone 8 over the other two platforms. There's no skins.
    It's miminalistic approach is refreshing and to tell you the truth, the whole thing just looks grown-up to me.
    Android and Apple's graphic user interface looks cartoonish. WP8 fonts and graphic style just looks sophisticated, urban and elegant.
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    05-12-2014 02:11 PM
  8. bijak_riyandi's Avatar
    looking at my sig is more than enough to know that I'm a Nokia fan

    I jumped ship from a C7-00 to Lumia 1020 because:
    1. Symbian was dying (days after I got my 1020, Symbian support ended)
    2. it's has a 41 mega-effin-pixels camera!

    I've always loved Symbian and was unsure about the leap of faith
    but after lengthy research and several tryouts with my friend's Lumia 800, I'm totally convinced to use WP
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    05-14-2014 01:52 AM
  9. Shobin Drogan's Avatar
    I compared everything, did my research on the 620, it raped everything from Android.
    Its competitors (i cant remember the names) most of them had single core and had to make huge sacrifices in various departments. Most of them had no front camera, no HD recording, very poor screen resolution, some of them had terrible design and was too expensive.
    There was absolutely 0 sacrifice that had to be made in the 620. It is definitely the Moto G of the past and worth every single penny.
    A year later, convinced my friend into getting a red 920, i shall upgrade as soon as nokia releases the 730/830.
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    05-14-2014 03:11 AM
  10. plot_almighty's Avatar
    Was an IT tech intern in November of 2011 running the beta of Windows 8 on my laptop when I walked into an AT&T store and saw the HTC Titan. Saw it was a Windows Phone and was really intrigued by the idea, plus how it looked an awful lot like Windows 8. I took the plunge and rapidly fell in love with the OS. I haven't looked back and refuse to jump back to either iOS or Android. Critics and naysayers of Windows Phone be damned.
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    05-14-2014 05:38 AM
  11. TechFreak1's Avatar
    Long story short my daily driver died and ended up getting the 920. If I was to elaborate, as my a few of my friends would say "don't elaborate, you always end up typing a novel". sooo I'm really trying to kick that habit :P.
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    05-17-2014 03:08 PM
  12. Karthik Naik's Avatar
    I am completely with you on this one bro. But here's what I have learned from countless phones:

    A. NO phone gives you more than a day. None. Take it from me. I have lot of people using iPhone 5S, by far the most expensive iPhone, and they panic for battery life, just like fish without water. Moral of the story? Even money can't buy you a good battery life.

    B. The location is an important feature. Turning it off is NOT going to help.

    C. Battery dies quicker on 3G/Data internet than on Wi-Fi.

    The iPhone 6 is going to be groundbreaking in many ways. But not sure if a long battery life is one of them.

    My wife's 720's battery lasts longer than my 820's. But I get half a day, almost, with moderate to heavy use of camera, news apps, weather apps, 3G. So, say I leave home at 9 in the morning, lasts at least till 8 in the night.

    It is completely your decision to jump ship. But all I can say is, jump wisely. You don't want to go from frying pan to the fire.
    thats strange
    my 820 lasts a day of rough use
    my 720 has atleast 1.5 day, maybe its an issue with low connectivity-i get terrible battery life on all devices on roaming including my nexus 5, 7 and ipads
    05-20-2014 10:39 AM
  13. DBZo07's Avatar
    Hey, nice thread.

    My story goes as... I have s4 and iPhone 5s. I wasn't happy with both. Android is great OS but full of advertisements and highly unsecured. I had privacy concerns about android. I have made I thread on popular Android forum for why google wants to steal your data... I was ****$ed.
    Than I took iPhone 5s. It's too small phone for my palm and moreover its a jail. Jailbreak made phone crap and unstable. So I finally decided to try windows phone. I had doubt that I will be happy with it. So I went for Lumia 625. I hated at early stage. Than slowly I explorer potential of windows phone, it's best companion. Quality and performance is mind blowing even with budget phone. What will be performance of flagship product I can imagine. I will go for better phone soon.
    That's my story with windows phone, in short.
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    05-20-2014 10:54 AM
  14. Salamy's Avatar
    Hi all:

    I was a Symbian guy I didn't like it because of the connectivity issues in my Nokia 801, then I saw how people was happy with iPhone & Android.

    So iPhone is really expensive, I found Samsung Galaxy mini and I told my self this is my dreams smartphone, then I got htc one x then Galaxy S3 mini and I felt unsatisfied & angry because of Android lag and the risk with rooting the device and trying different roms, it was a real pain.

    at the time Windows Phone 8 was around, so I start reading about it, and I decide to get Nokia Lumia 520 to try WP8 and really that was a very stable Phone and OS, so I decide to get Lumia 920, my L920 was a faulty unit without warranty, there was so many problems, so I trade my Lumia 920 with a new Lumia 720, it was such a great smartphone, the most stable phone I have ever used.

    but I left Windows Phone 8 for Android again because there is no file manager or VPN at the time (before Windows Phone GDR3).

    Now I'd like to go back to WP8.1 if there is nice prime flagship with good battery and specs.
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    05-23-2014 11:27 AM
  15. roni09riku's Avatar
    I've always been a user of Nokia. My first phone was 3310, then upgraded every few years, to 3530, 3230, 6600, N73, X2.. Then finally when smartphones are starting to take over, I decided to stick to Nokia. This is when I found out that they've been making phones that run on Windows Phone OS. Being a Nokia and Windows user for years, I decided to get the Lumia 900. It was good. It exceeded my expectations actually. Then, just a month ago, I upgraded to Lumia 1520. Once again, I was impressed. I probably won't try other phones. WP is the one for me. :)
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    05-29-2014 09:57 AM
  16. Guytronic's Avatar
    bump for old times sake
    Come a ways since my T-Mo 521.
    Never thought I would ever end up with the likes of the 925 or the 1020 and beyond!
    03-30-2016 11:28 PM
  17. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    bump for old times sake
    Come a ways since my T-Mo 521.
    Never thought I would ever end up with the likes of the 925 or the 1020 and beyond!
    Surprised I never answered this...

    I'd gotten fed up with ****ty battery life during the Ice Cream Sandwich days of Android. I was a dual user at the time with Blackberry and Android. I've used some Windows device from the Dell Axim X50 days with 2003SE up to the Xperia X1 before jumping to Android brief then Apple and back to Android (never bought a HD2, sadly). I decided while Android got more suitated for my tastes (got tired of flashing ROMs being a Galaxy Nexus user at the time) I need...something else. I thought Blackberry was getting stale, so I scored a HTC Mozart from a seller on XDA.

    I went from the Mozart to a Focus S to a HTC Titan to a Lumia 810 to a HTC 8X to a Lumia 920 to a Lumia 925 to a Lumia 1520 to a Lumia 720 to a Lumia 930 to a HTC M8 (current). I'm back on Android and while it sucks my M8 won't get more updates, I'll still hold on to it to keep an eye on the platform.

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    03-31-2016 11:22 PM
  18. Monim Al's Avatar
    Windows phone Lumia looks good & all parts are good but windows phone can't fast to android. If you decide to buy windows phone you can must buy Nokia Lumia.
    04-05-2016 10:12 AM
  19. libra89's Avatar
    It was my first smartphone. I wanted a smartphone but at the time, data plans were so expensive and so were the phones. I found out about the 521 being under $80 for a new one in May 2014. I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and never looked back.
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    04-05-2016 11:18 AM
  20. r2SN's Avatar
    The first smartphone/windows phone in my house was a NL520,which I ordered for mum. Like the word of mouth spins the world,i too believed that WP was bad (first I was about to order an android), but since it was "Nokia" i ordered it, although it was my mum's but i fell in love with it. Good build quality,good screen,awesome camera/video quality for that price. Manual controls were mind blowing for starters. Loved the OS,although no toggles initially+file explorer was a pain in the ***. It got me hooked with the world of photography(to an extent that I thought whether the graduate course, M.E., i am pursuing is right for me or not, sometimes i still do :p ). Then got myself a Lumia 730. Just love it and no ugly cases to hide it's beauty. #lumialove
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    04-05-2016 11:29 AM
  21. Bittah Pupil's Avatar
    I shared this in the Introductions section but in short, I was curious about Windows phone, liked the customized tiles, SD slot and removable battery. I all really needed for my personal phone was to call, text and do group messaging, something I couldn't do with my flip phone and Windows phone does just enough for me. I kind of miss my flip phone though.
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    04-07-2016 02:17 AM
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