1. freestaterocker's Avatar
    As the title suggests, Metrotube won't work on my phone. It hangs on that splash screen everytime. I know the problem isn't 8.1, because out worked fine a week or so ago, prior to the last update to the app. Is anybody else experiencing this issue?
    05-04-2014 02:28 PM
  2. Reflexx's Avatar
    What's happening? Is it not loading at all?
    05-04-2014 03:09 PM
  3. Narathan's Avatar
    Works fine here. But ah, I had the same problem on a few other apps where they would load into the "splash screen" (talking about WhatsApp, Nokia MixRadio, XBOX Music) and then just hang there. A reboot fixed a few but I had to reinstall Nokia MixRadio in order to make it work again.
    05-05-2014 03:44 AM
  4. MKairys's Avatar
    No problem on my HTC 8X
    05-05-2014 08:47 AM
  5. freestaterocker's Avatar
    What's happening? Is it not loading at all?
    Yeah doesn't load at all. Just hangs on the splash screen until I back out of it. I would just reinstall if it wasn't for my near gigabyte of pre-loaded videos...

    UPDATE: I bit the bullet and reinstalled it. Works fine now.
    Last edited by freestaterocker; 05-10-2014 at 02:41 PM.
    05-10-2014 09:48 AM

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