1. gurabli's Avatar
    I have a HTPC running MediaPortal on Windows 7. It works great, and it is connected to amp. I would need an application that is able to control audio/music. There are two MediaPortal related apps for WP8 but those are WiFi remotes and for streaming content to phone. What I need is to be able to play music without turning on my Panasonic 42" plasma TV and leaving it on only for music.

    I do not mind to install any software on my server machine running W7 (Intel Atom box) where my music collection is located, that would also be fine for me, I will connect the server to the amp then.

    Any suggestions for a WP8 app that can do this?

    Many thanks!
    05-12-2014 07:33 AM
  2. Wiizzard1's Avatar
    This reply may be a bit late but I know of an app that will do what you want. It is called Vectir remote control. You install the Vectir PC Remote Control server on your HTPC and Vectir PC Remote Control WP8 app on your phone. It doesn't support MediaPortal out of the box but you can quickly make a custom remote for it. The preloaded remotes are for WMP, iTunes, Winamp, VLC, Desktop and System (mouse, volume, keyboard). The music and playlist browsing capabilities are really good. I mainly use it for VLC remote control on my HTPC.
    07-21-2014 06:11 PM

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