06-03-2014 10:56 PM
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  1. colinkiama's Avatar
    What do you user to browse the forums?
    Sent from my RM-846_eu_euro1_267 using Tapatalk
    05-28-2014 06:55 PM
  2. k0de's Avatar
    I use both. But with the new update to Tapatalk I must admit that I am leaning more towards Tapatalk. WPcentral app has some serious work to do. Come on WPC you have competition. Lets get to work. Lol.
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    05-28-2014 07:00 PM
  3. colinkiama's Avatar
    I use both. But with the new update to Tapatalk I must admit that I am leaning more towards Tapatalk. WPcentral app has some serious work to do. Come on WPC you have competition. Lets get to work. Lol.

    I know right. You can add attachments and even use your voice to write a post in the tapatalk app
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    05-28-2014 07:10 PM
  4. azcruz's Avatar
    I use Tapatalk since it became available years ago on Symbian. Not going to use anything else, on any platform.
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    05-28-2014 07:27 PM
  5. CrossedFaith's Avatar
    I've always been a tapatalk guy. I love the new update as well, they did great with this!
    05-28-2014 08:02 PM
  6. jmerrey's Avatar
    As stated, great update for Tapatalk today.
    05-28-2014 11:16 PM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I use both, but I like Tapatalk's moderator support.
    05-28-2014 11:20 PM
  8. Akash Patel's Avatar
    I use both but i like the tapatalk ability of attaching images and to preview them.
    WPC app uses tapatalk api i hope jay will add this feature soon.
    05-28-2014 11:22 PM
  9. deadwrong03's Avatar
    Tapatalk by far
    05-29-2014 12:10 AM
  10. neitin's Avatar
    Tapatalk is best for me
    05-29-2014 12:23 AM
  11. ptfuzi's Avatar
    Tapatalk updated and is garbage now. Can't even change the BG color
    05-29-2014 12:36 AM
  12. Kaushik Banerjee's Avatar
    For news....wp central and forums tapatalk...i think I was slightly more attached to WP central...but the new update I think tapatalk is gaining priority 😉
    05-29-2014 02:46 AM
  13. sHAYM4N's Avatar
    Tapatalk now! 😊 Just wish a few more forums supported it!
    05-29-2014 03:07 AM
  14. multo's Avatar
    Tapatalk. Nuff said. 😁
    05-29-2014 04:16 AM
  15. gomezz's Avatar
    Tapatalk cannot handle some of the forums I frequent and is a pain to use compared to just using a decent browser. A solution for a problem that does not exist.
    05-29-2014 04:29 AM
  16. alphablue597's Avatar
    This new update rocks! This is now the most beautiful app in windows store....
    05-29-2014 04:35 AM
  17. Avinash Mali's Avatar
    Tapatalk for now but hoping for new forum app. :)
    05-29-2014 04:48 AM
  18. gedzum's Avatar
    I'm trying out tapatalk for the first time and I'm liking the experience so far. Mainly using it for the picture support. I typically browse the forum in the WPC app if I am checking news. If I'm not in the app and want to check the forum I'll probably just go straight to tapatalk.

    Quick question though, is there a way to stay logged in? I couldn't seem to find the option.
    05-29-2014 05:12 AM
  19. oditius's Avatar
    I use them both, I read the WP news on the app and the forums either in my laptop or Tapatalk.

    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 1520, w/AT&T using Tapatalk
    05-29-2014 05:47 AM
  20. Tauseef Khan's Avatar
    Tapatalk, it's free.
    05-29-2014 05:47 AM
  21. constantinosmi's Avatar
    Tapatalk since the update!! I just read the news from the Wpcentral app.
    Sent from my Lumia 620 using Tapatalk
    05-29-2014 05:51 AM
  22. lesd777's Avatar
    Tapatalk since the update
    05-29-2014 06:36 AM
  23. oditius's Avatar
    I wish Tapatalk would let you edit it.
    05-29-2014 08:54 AM
  24. tgp's Avatar
    I use Tapatalk. What I like most about it is that all the forums that I use it for are all set up the same. Plus they're all in one app.
    05-29-2014 09:06 AM
  25. aiorialive's Avatar
    I always use WP central app one of my favorite. Greetings
    05-29-2014 09:21 AM
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