1. Adolf Kleinhans's Avatar
    Since there is a slight chance that NOKIA and MSFT might be reading our posts, I would like to propose a realistic WP device that I think would simply be the best:

    Manufacturer: NOKIA with all NOKIA services.

    Hardware: I would love another 1020 camera with bit more RAM to launch that sensor,instantly. So lets say 3gb ram with 1.2 GHz quad core. Having that engine running buttery smooth windows phone combined with fantastic Nokia optics I would also love to see some Kinect tech incorporated into my phone for controlling it when driving or watching movie or even for some advanced gaming activities'. Dedicated shutter key, volume rockers and power button must stay combined with physical back,start and search touch keys. This device should also make use of a 5" 1080p clearblack display. (4k is just unnecessary on a 5"). LED light makes a device lose its class but does add allot of functionality, for that reason this device should also support Nokia Glance screen to fill the purpose of a LED. Micro SD slot is also essential on this new device. Wireless charging is a gimic but their is nothing that those Galaxy users loves more, for that reason this device should support it, and while talking about gimics, a heart rate monitor would be great (maybe using Kinect?) (this is however of lower priority than the rest.). This device should also be REALLY robust as well as dust and waterproof,up to lets say 5m/one hour. Just to give us the ability to use that fantastic camera while swimming hiking biking flying jumping and going about life. Further this device should obviously have the normal high-end hardware like GPS, compass, LTE blah blah blah.... The battery should also be able to with stand at least 14 hours when used heavily (loads of photography, GPS, using sensors, loads of social media etc.) This all pact into that iconic Lumia design of the 920 or 1020 as thin and light as humanly possible.

    OS: Obviously WP. I would however like some added features such as: GPS route tracking for when off-road or hiking. Landscape mode in start menu (all that has to happen is for the tiles to rotate, the user then simply scrolls horizontally alla windows 8 for desktop, this would be especially nice for when my phone is docked in a cradle) and few other simple tweaks that we all complain about (more quick settings options and so forth). To wrap it up, I think MSFT should employ in-house devs if they haven't already to REALLY boost the app situation as that is a real factor.

    I truly believe that this device combined with a slightly better app selection will finally give iSheep and followDroids a compelling reason to make the switch.

    please comment if you have any realistic features to add. Would,love to see what the rest of you guys think.
    05-29-2014 07:11 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That sounds cool.

    Do you have any mock-up drawings of what it would look like?
    05-29-2014 07:35 PM
  3. Yangstax's Avatar
    I would like to see the next Lumia flagship (2014) equipped with the following specs:
    Snapdragon 805
    5.2" qHD display
    3GB RAM
    32GB storage
    microSD - 128GB
    3400 mAh Battery
    In-built wireless charging
    160g weight
    30MP (or 41MP camera w/o hump)
    2MP Front Camera

    Make it available on all carriers.
    05-29-2014 08:04 PM
  4. Adolf Kleinhans's Avatar
    No I don't have any drawings. Not exactly my string point ;) ... But ideas, those I have a ton off! For example:

    Imagine if you climbed into your car and said "Cortana, I'm driving". Cortana turns on driving mode, turns on Bluetooth, connects to your car's entertainment system, launches Nokia mix radio, plays your favorite offline mix, launches HereDrive and asks "Where do you want to go chief?" - Without you doing anything but saying those magic words.

    Then you say "Go to the nearest McD's" Cortana then starts navigation to your nearest McD's using the route with less traffic (If that's what you like). Once you arrive at your destination, Cortana will ask you "Are we done driving Chief?", on which you will reply "No" because you are going threw the drive thru and don't want your preset 'driving settings' to be reset to your preset 'normal' settings.

    Cortana then asks "Where to next?" because you said your not done driving. On which you answer "Let's go to work". Cortana once again routes to your work place using the fastest route because your McD's coffee made you late.

    Upon arriving at work Cortana will notice your at the place you set as "work" on your maps and will turn off your preset 'driving' settings and start your preset 'work' settings. Turn on WiFi, sync all files, turn all social media to toast notifications, turn texts to vibrate, and even change your ringtone and wallpaper to something more professional because no one in office wants to hear and see THAT ringtone and THAT picture when your better half calls ;)

    This is just a simple example of how Cortana can use voice commands and location data to change the way your WP reacts or what tasks it should be doing when your at a specific place or performing a specific task. You can set this for: "Driving", "Work", "Home", "Jogging", "Out with friends" and it will launch the apps you want, change settings the way you want it and ultimately, make your WP THAT more personal.

    (I really hope MSFT are reading these posts haha)
    05-29-2014 08:06 PM
  5. Shobin Drogan's Avatar
    Great ideas, its not like MS/Nokia can't do it as well!
    It really makes me wonder sometimes, how MS can make their surface 3 absolutely annihilate the competition in the specs sheet but they can't make a phone that destroys its competition in a similar manner. Sometimes people don't read reviews, they just go onto gsm arena and read specs, thats how i ended up with my 620, it was better than everything else at that price at the time.
    MS/Nokia CAN make a water proof phone with all those features you listed while being slim yet indestructible, but somehow they could miss out little things like an SD slot and glance on the very new 930.
    I'm not sure what's holding them back.
    05-29-2014 10:48 PM
  6. Apa Mau's Avatar
    I would like to see the next Lumia flagship (2014) equipped with the following specs:

    Snapdragon 805 or anything faster.
    5.2" or 5.5" qHD display
    3GB RAM
    32GB storage
    microSD - 128GB
    3400 mAh Battery
    41MP or More MP camera with improve sharpness
    Faster autofocus
    Faster saving of photos and when launching camera, (my 1020 start to lag behind other brand in this are..)
    5MP Front Camera
    Removable 3400 mAh Battery Grip. which we can replace battery in battery grip when running out.
    Water proof at least like sony or samsung (coz i use that when for outdoor, seaside and pool using sony and not nokia, iphone 6 also waterproof)

    Make it available on all carriers.
    And if you wanna know what's the best flagship, look at praise for LG G3.

    Seriously, the rest of flagship from LG and even other made in china brand is really a lot of temptation with all very good feature Vs price point.
    so, I am not sure what's the new flagship can amaze us ? and forget about those refocus, smart features on the camera, seldom use.
    akarsh12345 likes this.
    05-29-2014 11:30 PM
  7. Adolf Kleinhans's Avatar
    I wonder that same thing. This device is REALLY realistic in every sense (Maybe not the Kinect, but I can see that happening with a bit of work?), and yah.... I don't know why Nokia has never done it.

    That said. As far as I know the hardware for the Surface tablets are assembled by MSFT right? And those are just masterpieces! I'm very excited as to see the first MSFT designed and build Nokia device!
    05-30-2014 08:16 AM

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