1. Gmgb's Avatar
    I just got a Windows phone and have been able to find all of the same types of apps that I had on my Android phone except for a music player that selects songs based on the pace that I am running. There are apps like this (paceDJ and DjRun) for both Android and IOS but I can't seem to find one for Windows. Does anyone know of one on the Windows side?
    06-04-2014 09:09 AM
  2. jomarr's Avatar
    Unfortunately that's one thing Windows Phone lacks. Hopefully a developer sees a market for this
    06-04-2014 09:14 AM
  3. Gmgb's Avatar
    That's what I was afraid of. The one that I used on my Android phone was PaceDJ and they have an app for Android and IOS. Their website is http://www.pacedj.com/ and they have contact page where you can send them comments. I just sent them one asking them to consider developing the App for windows. If others follow suit, then they might see that this as a viable revenue market.
    06-04-2014 02:44 PM

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