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    Ok everyone: I am 33 and today I officially feel old. I can NOT figure out Xbox music! I have seen some complaints about it being slow and all, and have seen update after update come in, but I have come to the conclusion that I must be missing something.

    I downloaded an album and 2 things happened: Only 8 out of 15 songs actually downloaded, however I have ALL of the 30 second previews that I listened to before buying it. So, when I listen to the Album, I get 30 seconds of a song (the preview) before the actual song plays.

    Second of all, I am unable to download the music that I had purchased from XBox Music on my old phone. I have read around and people mentioned going to settings>restore purchases, but that option doesn't exist in my settings; only "Show streaming music in my collection". And since I am interested in having my music ON my phone (and not streaming) I just don't get it.

    So, am I missing something???
    06-19-2014 02:15 PM
  2. berty6294's Avatar
    Are you referring to the 8.1 preview app? If so then yes, it just really is that buggy. I would try deleting the entire album off your device and removing it from your collection and then try downloading again. You can go into settings and your account to make sure your Microsoft Account is showing up as up to date as well.
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    06-19-2014 02:34 PM
  3. richard_rsp's Avatar
    Ahh I didnt realize it was specific to 8.1 preview. Then yes, I am referring to that one. That makes some more sense why I was seeing conflicting advice in other posts.

    I will try deleting and reinstalling, but problem is: I don't even see a place to download old albums. :-s (The two that i have on my device now were new purchases).

    Still a bit shocked that they even released this as a preview app - its more like an early beta!

    Thanks for pointing that out - it does make some more sense why it is so buggy (and nice to know I'm not losing it)!
    06-19-2014 02:45 PM

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