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    I'm probably on the verge of releasing the 'no-xbox-no-buy' kraken with this, but out of curiosity, how many Xbox Live gamers does one suppose exist on Windows Phone? I'd imagine it'd be up on par with the number of Xbox One users, no?

    This is an important question, it may define how Microsoft ought to look at mobile gaming and consider how it can advance its presence in the area. I am not calling for the revival of XBL on Windows Phone per se, but rather, an increased level of attention by Microsoft on the idea of mobile gaming.

    If in 3-5 years the number of total Windows Phone users with some form of stable billing mechanism (credit or carrier) were to climb to 150+ million, a decent chunk of that could be used by the Xbox team. In fact, if the bulk of that market were overseas, Windows Phone might be the much needed beachhead for Microsoft to use when it comes to pushing Xbox Services beyond the United States. Wouldn't it make sense to actually strengthen Xbox's presence on Windows Phone?

    I am not just referring to new mobile games akin to Halo: Spartan Assault or giving third party developers an easier time with Xbox Live, but perhaps even the delivery of a PlayStation Now competitor, i.e. cloud console-gaming platform.

    It's a shame the Xbox team apparently considers the WP to have no game (pardon the pun) when in truth it looks like it's the only visible Microsoft offering (besides Office and Azure) to be raking up actual post-PC users.

    I recommend that Microsoft completely revamp their Xbox mobile strategy (or rather, actually make one): Think past making games XBL-enabled, get the Video and Music services to be top-notch, build serious interoperability with the Xbox One (e.g. stream games when on the same WiFi network, a la PS Vita TV?), get Cortana across the two in a cool but genuinely useful way (e.g. interact with one's XBL friends, "sorry...doesn't seem like's awake Chief!" "ouch! that's gotta hurt some ego" etc).

    Imagine the potential halo effect (not even trying) if even 10% of a 100-150+ million strong user base were to buy Xbox One consoles *and* participate as active XBL Services subscribers. That extra 10 to 15+ million might be the boost Microsoft needs to lock blades with Sony in a PR and perception sense.
    06-22-2014 10:21 PM

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