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    So I'm running WP 8 and I've only used the default Music+Video app to listen to my MP3s. Even though I hate the way it functions, I can't seem to find a suitable replacement.

    Here's my issues, and for starters I don't care about streaming music, only playing my local MP3's.

    - I cannot see the "now playing" playlist, only what's currently playing. Even though I can add songs to "now playing" by press'N'hold on the songs, I have no idea where they go, I can't see what's coming next, I can't seem to rearrange them, or delete a song from the list or even properly clear the list.

    - If I do want to create a playlist, I can't seem to be able to select multiple songs at once and then add them to or even create a playlist. What I seem to have to do is to add songs to "now playing", which again I can't seem to edit, and then from there I can choose to "save as a new playlist" even though I have no idea what other songs, if any are currently in "now playing".

    - Pressing the "play" button next to a song seems to automatically clear the entire "now playing" playlist and replace it with just that one song. Almost never is this something I want to do.

    - All the meta-data on my music seems to be screwy, meaning that a compilation of, let's say, 60's garage rock, is listed as 20 different albums, although each is listed with the exact same album name. And I listen to a lot of compilations. Yes, I know, this issue isn't strictly the fault of the app, but even when I've taken these MP3 over to my desktop and made sure the tags are correct (each listed as being from the same album) the problem remains on my phone.

    For what it's worth these problems are all related in my experience. If I want to listen to "Instrumental Explosion", a compilation of 60's Soul instrumentals, for starters, it is listed as 21 separate albums each with the same album name. I can't easily select them all and create a playlist, but instead must press'N'hold on each track to send to "now playing" and repeat 21 times. Now in theory, I could go and save this as a playlist, but since i have no idea what's currently in "now playing," I just see the current song, I don't know (nor could I do anything about) if all the songs are there, are they in the right order, is every song that I previously listened to that day also in the playlist (answer: YES!).

    So, short version: is there a better music app?
    06-23-2014 11:34 AM
  2. Joshua Jackson's Avatar
    I haven't used a really good replacement to Music+Video (even the new Windows Phone 8.1 version of Xbox Music), on Windows Phone.
    There have been a couple good music players (I deal with local MP3s), but they didn't do fan art on the live tile.
    For me, that's the biggest benefit of Music+Video (and I'm hoping that it comes back with Xbox Music).
    It wasn't really an answer to your question, but I do empathize with you.
    06-24-2014 01:47 PM
  3. dby2011's Avatar
    OneMusic is probably the best music player app we have at the moment. There is a free trial for that app so you can try it out. Listen is also a free music player that isn't bad either. Based on what you are stating I beleive your music is not tagged correctly. Download a free program on your PC called Mp3Tag. That program will enable you to tag your music correctly and embed album art. It is kind of tedious but if your music is already in the Amazon database the program can tag most of the info for you. Xbox music seems to sort artist by Album Artist not song Artist. Make sure all you music is tagged with both song and album artist. In the case of your 60's soul album make sure all the music has the exact same tag for album name and album artist. In this case I would tag every song in the album with an album artist of "various" That way you can select Various under the Artists in the app and then select the 60's soul album. The Artist can be the actual artist performing the song but the Album Artist can be Various. That will definately help organize your collections. Some use Compilation instead of Vartious artist also. Sometimes Artists have guest artists in certain songs and if you don't have the same album artist tagged it will screw it up too. Let's say Michael Jackson sings a duet with Justine Timberlake and the song is actually from a Michael Jackson album. Michael Jackson and Justine Timberlake would be the song Artist but Michael Jackson would be the Album Artist. If you don't do that the song will not be listed with the other songs from the album. I think that is the case with your 60's soul album.
    06-24-2014 02:18 PM
  4. nickbeef's Avatar
    thanks for the tips. I'll try out the re-tagging later.

    As for OneMusic, it's currently only available for WP8.1, so it looks like I'll have to wait to give it a test ride.
    06-30-2014 01:17 PM

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