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    One oddity I have noticed on some devices is that when you unlock the phone, you briefly see a screenshot that was taken of the app that was open when it was locked and it will be blurry with compression artifacts and the colors will be duller. After a second or so, the actual app is shown instead of the blurry image.

    It seems like on my faster devices (920, 1520), you do not notice this at all, however on the 520 and 635, it is noticeable and actually made me uninstall the application for now. I really hope they can resolve this.

    I am fine with the "screenshot", I just wish it was not compressed and just appeared as crisp as the normal app display.

    Curious if anyone else has seen this and/or might know how to configure this behavior away?
    08-13-2014 02:16 PM

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