1. Nokia Boy's Avatar
    Said to have a 4" screen and a quad-core cpu,and it will be affortable too! Personally if it has 1gb ram i might buy it! anyway here's more info Archos unveils two Android phones, one WP handset - GSMArena.com news
    08-27-2014 10:44 AM
  2. ashram's Avatar
    if archos manages to bring the one thing they do right to WP, which is multimedia playback, then i may be interested.
    08-27-2014 10:56 AM
  3. SharkyNY's Avatar
    Might just get one as a second phone to try out WP 8.1.
    08-27-2014 06:04 PM
  4. Rogozinski's Avatar
    It will be the cheapest Windows Phone for only 79 euro!
    08-28-2014 02:25 AM
  5. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Even if all else remains the same, the fact it has a flash might persuade some to choose it over a 5xx/6xx.
    08-28-2014 10:13 AM
  6. Harry Wild's Avatar
    Depending on specs; it might be the right WP phone to buy. Lumia has been limiting on 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage and a slow quad core SoC too! I found out the difference between a Snapdragon 400 and top of the line 801 is about $15. I more then willing to pay double or $30 more for something that is 6X faster and has 8X better graphics and 2X better battery efficiencies. Microsoft is being super cheap in this department. I thought Apple was the cheapest but Microsoft now sure beats Apple on being frugal on components!
    08-30-2014 10:17 AM

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