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    I hope this is the correct forum for this.

    I saw the Doorbot today, and thought it was a pretty cool concept for fans of home automation.
    Doorbot WiFi Video Doorbell for Smartphones

    Then I saw there was no Windows Phone app for it, and it instantly occurred to me that Microsoft (or a partner company) should engineer and improved version of the concept, using PureView and Kinect 2.0 technologies.

    Matter of fact, now that Microsoft owns, or has licensed a considerable chuck Nokia and it's patents, I think it is high time they begin to leverage those technologies to make improved versions of other general purpose devices. Perfect example, would be making a standalone, 41 megapixel point and shoot camera, running on a version of WinRT, featuring the various camera apps, lenses, technologies that are now commonplace in the WinRT/WP8.1 ecosystem. And since it is a standalone device, other things like proper optical zoom, and potentially a dedicated (for photo and video taking) chipset could be used to improve the photo quality beyond the capabilities of the L1520.

    Anyway, back to the Doorbot. Microsoft easily has the tech to make something like this much better. And I for one would not mind seeing
    09-04-2014 10:16 PM