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  • Paid,I hate games which are plagued by insane IAPs or ads which fill half the screen

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  1. Usama Jawad96's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    Since I got $25 from Microsoft's Developer Benefit Program.This question is really bugging me.Free(mium) or paid?
    I loved free games before because I'm 17(I'll be 18 tomorrow,lol) I have no convenient payment options and my parents wouldn't allow me to use their credit cards for buying phone games :(

    So this $25 from the program was a really neat news for me and I got to experience paid games for the first time.I bought Terraria($5),Delight Games(Premium Collection)($5),Plants Vs Zombies($2 or $3,I don't remember) and I still have around $12 left.

    So,I downloaded "Head Soccer",a freemium game from the store 2 days ago and I have been enjoying it immensely,uptil now that it.
    As you can see from my stats below,I played the game for 3+ hours and 100+ single player(Vs com) matches.


    And now I have found out that this game is heavily plagued with freemium-itis -_-

    Example can be seen below,I have defeated more than 20 players(AI) twice using 2 characters and now it's asking me to cough up 50,000 coins just so I can play a 1 min match!



    This is insane,and suppose if I lose this match,I'll have to collect 50,000 coins again just so I can play the boss for a single minute. Every single match victory earns 500-1000 coins which means I will have to win around 60+ matches again(which can take me 4-5 days) just so I can do a boss match OR I could spend a few $$ to get more coins immediately


    The game already has around 200 costumes and characters to buy and they are hell expensive or difficult to unlock.As you saw,I was only able to unlock 2 characters and (1 costume) in 3 hours.

    No thanks,deleting the game,hate developers who make such horrendous IAPs.I mean come on,put $0.99 to remove ads in your games or at least put a decent and balanced purchase system.The logic in forcing you to spend money for a boss-fight simply escapes me.Developers have to earn but this is just thievery,I put my time into this game for this?

    Now that I've had a taste of paid games,where I could play through the entire game without worrying about IAPs,I've started to hate these free(mium) games.I wish MS allows operator billing in my country or I get a credit/debit card soon, because this is getting out of hand.

    What do you prefer,paid or free?You can vote in the poll above and also mention the reasoning behind your vote if you want.

    Thanks! :)
    09-19-2014 10:10 AM
  2. ToonU's Avatar
    If a game is free with no micro transactions I like it, however I hate the annoying "buy this to keep going!"
    AverageWPUser likes this.
    09-19-2014 02:04 PM

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