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    Please check out the game and give me any suggestions

    Moto Racing:-

    Moto Racing is a fast paced racing game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world!
    Control your moto with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time!

    How to Play:-
    ★★★★★ Tilt phone to control moto direction
    ★★★★★ Tap screen to accelerate

    Features :
    ☆ Awesome Bikes to Unlock
    ☆ Easy to play, fun for all ages
    ☆ Smooth Gameplay
    ☆ Better User Interface
    ☆ Tap the screen to accelerate the moto
    ☆ Different kind of motos to choose from.
    ☆ Global LeaderBoard to check your ranking Worldwide

    Enjoy this super fast speedy Bike race.

    Tips to Play:
    Keep accelerating Bike to Boost up your score

    09-26-2014 03:15 AM
  2. tamanasi's Avatar
    if you could share the Stores download link here in the article it will be great.
    Moreover there is Newly Discovered Games page where you can find gaming enthusiasts and promote your stuff.
    09-26-2014 05:02 AM
  3. Himayat Rasool Qadri's Avatar
    10-01-2014 02:13 AM

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