1. Christian Holmstedt's Avatar
    It wasn't the best but it did work.
    What does the rumor mill say about this?
    10-02-2014 06:13 PM
  2. wpfan86's Avatar
    I'm going to give this a bump. I used the app extensively last year when house searching and it seemed to work pretty well. Anyone have any idea what happened?
    10-05-2014 08:58 PM
  3. quantum tao's Avatar
    Always had problems with it, maybe they are finally fixing it, it still seems to be listed. http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=...b-78e7d1fa76f8
    10-05-2014 09:11 PM
  4. Christian Holmstedt's Avatar
    Listed yes, but not available in the store accessed via the phone.
    I mean the reviews are horrid but it wasn't that bad. Maybe a new version in the works?

    The website actually works just fine. Pinned the site to the start screen and there's even a logo for it.
    10-06-2014 12:27 PM

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