1. itshimanshu's Avatar
    I have sent a mail to way2sms team to bring native app to windows phone.our contribution might make it possible.just send a mail to appsupport@way2online.net .

    Twitter @way2sms
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    10-27-2014 11:17 AM
  2. Muessig's Avatar
    Thanks for bringing this to the community's attention. Do you have their twitter feed too?
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    10-27-2014 01:41 PM
  3. aximtreo's Avatar
    Sorry, what is way2online?
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    10-27-2014 02:46 PM
  4. baruarahul007's Avatar
    Plz visit way2sms official site..... N click contact us option....... N there is a way to contact with the ceo of way2sms through facebook....

    I already text him to create a official way2sms app...... All way2sms lovers, plz message him....
    N rqst to create official way2sms app for wp8.1.
    05-21-2015 02:45 PM

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