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    Many of you might be knowing this.
    But who don't know, please have a look.

    For windows phone 8.1 user.

    Download "FILE" from "STORE"
    Open FILE>select SD Card>u'll see Menu>open PICTURES> create a folder "VIDEOS".
    Inside "FILE" (where ever your mp3 files are, which you wanna send to your frnd) move that mp3 file to "FILE>SD CARD> PICTURES > VIDEOS."
    now open:: "FILE>SD CARD> PICTURES > VIDEOS."
    here you have to use the TRICK.
    Suppose u wanna send "AKON.MP3" to you frnd.
    Change it to "AKON.MP4" (within "FILE>SD CARD> PICTURES > VIDEOS folder).

    You are done with work.
    Open WHATSAPP> select your FRIEND u wanna send this "fake naming .mp3 = .mp4 file ) > tap ATTACHMENT logo> tap on "VIDEOS" (remember this VIDEOS folder is that folder which u had created in "FILE>SD CARD> PICTURES > VIDEOS."). > inside it u'll see your "name converted file" AS "a video file having icon of "video camera" > select that file > tap SEND .
    Your frnd will get the mp3 file which u had "fake named to .mp4 file).
    Give a try step by step.
    With at least 10% concentration.
    If u still fail.
    contact me via e-mail
    I'll send u screen shots step by step.

    (Mod edit personal e-mail removed)

    And do give WhatsApp a good rating, its a request.

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    This will be helpful to a lot of members.
    11-07-2014 01:59 AM

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