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    This concept is in Windows Phone's Uservoice. Go vote to tell Microsoft to implement it.

    One of the things that bothers me the most in WP is the lack of landscape mode specially in the start screen. It gets boring when you're using an app in landscape mode, go to start screen and get back to that same app and it resumes in portrait to go back to landscape.

    Well, I had this concept in mind for quite a long time and finally decided to build it after finding this forum and WP Uservoice. I tried searching for it but seems like I'm the only one who had this idea. Except for this guy that seems to had the same idea but haven't build it.

    The concept is simple and smart, all tiles always stay in the same position no matter if portrait or left or right landscape, what rotates is the tile content itself.

    Here's an optimised gif for easier infinite loop, or if you can't watch the video.
    Smaller size, less frames, worst colours

    Main advantages of this method: (specially when comparing with the common concepts that rotates the tiles position and break them in multiple columns)
    • Easier implementation
      Wouldn't require much programming compared to other concepts;
    • Minimal work for Store developers
      Developers won't need to update their apps. They may need to update only if their apps have the wide tile, but surely not much of a problem;
    • Smart and easy to understand
      Check the image, now how do you know where's your Store tile? By knowing it's touching no tiles in one of its side and it's in the right side of Nokia brand when in portrait. With other concepts this tile could be in the middle of the other tiles and when rotating 180 it would be in another location, a madness to remember.
      Also check that Instagram tile is half tile from Facebook, how on Earth are you going to break this?

    Main disadvantage of this method:
    • High Tile
      If your app uses the wide tiles you may now have to create a 'high tile'.

    I also created a concept for the notifications centre, this is not animated as I thought it's not needed. Just to show how easy this can be implemented as well.

    My thanks to:
    As they helped me create these concepts.
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    I think landscape mode is very likely to be added in Windows 10.
    11-14-2014 12:44 AM
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    I believe on it too, but since the start screen is likely to look like Win8.1 - metro, squares, live tiles, GDR1 now just looking the same but with folders - here's an idea on how landscape mode can be created if they still haven't thought of it. (Because so far we only got a sneak peak preview of desktop Win10 and they may be still looking for ideas)
    11-14-2014 08:41 AM

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